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Choose how many Smoothies you want each month and get up to 52% LIFETIME discount & Free Aussie Post

✔️ Up to 52% LIFETIME discount on your smoothie (buy 3 a month for 52% off, 2 a month for 46% off or 1 a month for 38% off)
✔️ No lock ins, cancel or pause at any time and this is guaranteed to be the BEST RATE you will ever get on our Smoothies
✔️ Free post on Aussie orders and delivered straight to your door each month
✔️ Lifetime $10.95 postage rate on NZ orders
✔️ Free 3 Day Cleanse eBook RRP $25

38% OFF Plus FREE Aussie Post

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52% OFF Plus FREE Aussie Post

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9/10 mums would recommend Healthy Mummy Smoothies to their friends

Mums have lost 3 million kilos with The Healthy Mummy

✔️ Mums have them for breakfast and/or lunch
✔️ You can have the smoothie with just milk
✔️ Or you can include fruits and vegetables
✔️ They taste amazing and come in 10 flavours
✔️ Get LIFETIME mega discount & free Aussie Post

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How does it work?

Save time with automatic ordering and get one, two or three of your favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothies delivered right to your door each month!

  • Choose which Smoothies you would like to receive each month
  • Join the club and make your purchase
  • Receive your smoothies each month – right to your door!
  • Change your Smoothie flavours any time.
  • No lock-in contracts, cancel or pause at any time!
  • This is GUARANTEED to be the BEST rate you will ever receive on our Smoothies

Our meal-replacement Smoothies have been formulated by leading nutritionists

  • Healthy Mummy Smoothies are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients & important antioxidants
  • Don’t contain weight loss accelerants, caffeine and dairy-free. They are also a non-Genetically Modified product.
  • Can help with weight management when used as part of a diet & exercise plan
  • Breastfeeding-safe and are designed to help to support milk supply
  • 96% sugar free
  • Low GI & high fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer and aids digestion


Enjoy any time, hot or cold!


Blend in a blender or shaker for a frothy milkshake, or just use a spoon/fork to mix together for a smooth flavoured milk.

Heat it up

Mix with warmed milk in your favourite mug for a wonderfully warm relaxing treat.


Get creative

Blend with fruits or vegetables for a delicious healthy smoothie

Healthy Mummy Chocolate Smoothie

Lots of Flavours

Choose from: Vanilla, Vanilla 45+, Chocolate, Honeycomb, Caramel, Banana, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream and Sneakylicious.

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