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About this product

The Tummy Smoothie Vanilla is the perfect way to support your health, especially your gut health. Its unique formulation offers a nourishing meal replacement created by specialists to help sustain your gut health and digestion. The smoothie is loaded with probiotics to promote a healthy stomach microbiome and reduce bloating. You also feel fuller for longer thanks to the high fibre content; the protein included means fewer hunger pangs. The Tummy Smoothie Vanilla is also free of fillers, caffeine and artificial sweeteners. Combining the Tummy Smoothie Vanilla with a healthy meal plan and exercise can help you lose weight.

The Tummy Smoothie Vanilla, you’ll love it!

There are many benefits to the Tummy Smoothie Vanilla and many things it can do to help you on your health journey. Here are just a few of the things we love about it:

  • Combined with a healthy diet and exercise can help weight loss.
  • With premium probiotics, it works to support your gut health.
  • The high fibre content keeps the full feeling lasting longer.
  • Your hunger pangs are kept at bay with the high protein content.
  • Keep your digestive tract healthy and happy with the inclusion of collagen.
  • Offers a nutritional boost with 22 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Delicious Vanilla flavour with a smooth and creamy texture.
  • The Tummy Smoothie Vanilla is full of goodness and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, fillers, caffeine, or added sugar.
  • Keeping things healthy with minimal sodium.

Enjoy the Tummy Smoothie Vanilla

It’s so simple to enjoy a Tummy Smoothie Vanilla, here’s how:

  • Put 25g or two heaped tablespoons of Tummy Smoothie mix into a smoothie shaker.
  • Add about 250ml of your favourite milk or even just water.
  • Shake and serve.

Alternatively, you could put these same ingredients into a blender with a few cups of fruits or veggies. Blend it all together for a few minutes or until smooth, and enjoy.

Find out more about the Tummy Smoothie Vanilla.

  • Each tin includes 450g or 18 serves of Tummy Smoothie mix.
  • No need to worry about preservatives, nuts, sucrose, wheat, artificial sweetener, yeast, corn or seafood products, as none are in the smoothie mix.
  • Find all the answers to your questions in our FAQs here.

Our Nutritionist Cheree gives a review.

“Your gut’s health has a major impact on the overall health of your body. Gut health can include complex conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease and colitis. The Tummy Smoothie by The Healthy Mummy includes ingredients that facilitate a healthy gut microbiome and help with digestion. The Tummy Smoothie Vanilla offers a two-for-one combo that can support your general and gut health and support weight loss goals (when combined with exercise and healthy eating).”

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Real Mums Reviews

Amy – “I’m snacking less as it’s keeping me fuller for longer,” she says, “I’m excited to see some massive results while using this. “

Tenay – “I love the Vanilla Tummy Smoothie! Tastes so yummy and keeps me full longer too. Definitely have noticed a difference in my tummy bloat and have almost finished my first container. I will be purchasing again.”

Bernie Tummy Smoothie Vanilla

Bernie – “I just had the Vanilla Tummy Smoothie. I love this smoothie as its texture is very creamy, it’s gut-friendly with collagen and my favourite high protein. Bonus points for new packaging too.”

Samara – “The Vanilla Tummy Smoothie is absolutely delicious! It’s very smooth in texture and goes well with all smoothies and snacks! 10 out of 10 for sure!!”

Brooke Tummy Smoothie Vanilla

Brooke – “The Vanilla Tummy Smoothie has become a favourite of mine. It’s so versatile, and you can make so many delicious combos with it. I love how the Tummy Smoothies work for me. They always leave me feeling full and satisfied without feeling bloated.”

Lyn – “I found it to have a great texture and taste. It does exactly what I was hoping I have had less bloating and it has kept me satisfied until lunch.”

Trudi – “Creamy and smooth. I mix it with Almond Milk, it’s yum. Great for gut health. Been on it for two weeks now and have had great results.”

Carol – “This product is amazing. It tastes great by itself but is extra awesome when you add some fruit. My hubby even pinched some to try.”

Shan Tummy Smoothie Vanilla

Shan – “The Vanilla Tummy Smoothie is my all-time favourite! It has helped so much with my bloating. My tummy feels so settled & flatter after having it. How amazing is the new packaging.”

What is different about the Tummy Smoothie vs the normal Healthy Mummy Smoothie?

The Healthy Mummy is known for developing meal replacement smoothies unlike any other, which holds true with the Tummy Smoothie. Like the original Healthy Mummy Smoothie, the Tummy Smoothie offers a great meal replacement shake that slips into your healthy meal plan.

The most significant difference between the Tummy Smoothie and the original Healthy Mummy Smoothie is that the Tummy Smoothie has a focus on supporting gut health. The Healthy Mummy formulated the Tummy Smoothie by including our unique Tummy Complex and a specialised mix of protein to help your gut. We also included a blend of soy and whey protein with collagen to help support gut health and minimise irritation. There are also premium probiotics to help support your gut and prebiotics to support those probiotics. The overall gut-friendly mix helps to minimise any gut aggravation whilst maintaining a healthy microbiome.

The Tummy Smoothie and original Healthy Mummy Smoothie contain various essential vitamins and minerals. They can be used as part of a healthy meal and exercise plan to support your weight loss goals. Due to its unique formulation, the Tummy Smoothie is smoother and creamier than the standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

What is different between the Tummy Smoothie vs Premium Smoothie?

The Premium Smoothie is a weight loss meal replacement smoothie that supports gut health, just like the Tummy Smoothie. However, the Premium Smoothies is made from a whey-based premium protein and contains 23 vitamins and minerals plus probiotics. This unique formulation offers a more fierce flavour, smoother, and creamier texture.

The Tummy Smoothie is made based on our unique Tummy Complex, which has multiple supports for a healthy tummy. It’s also made from predominantly soy protein with only a small amount of whey protein. Other ingredients in the Tummy Smoothie include probiotics and prebiotics to support gut health, healing and a healthy microbiome.

The similarities of the Tummy Smoothie and Premium Smoothie mean they are both perfect additions to your healthy meal plan. They can be alternated depending on your preferences and needs at the time.

What is the Tummy Smoothie?

The Tummy Smoothie is a premium meal replacement smoothie that’s delicious, nutritious and supports a healthy tummy.

The smoothie is high in protein and thus reduces feelings of hunger. It contains probiotics to support gut health and fibre to keep you fuller for longer. When combined with exercise and a diet that reduces calories, the Tummy Smoothie contributes to weight loss.