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About this product

The Tummy Smoothie Chocolate flavour is a meal replacement smoothie scientifically designed for digestion, gut health and your stomach. The unique formulation of the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Chocolate flavour will help assist you with digestion and bloating, and it tastes DELICIOUS to boot. It’s also high in fibre and protein to help you feel less hungry and fuller for longer! It can also aid your weight loss goals when combined with a healthy meal plan and exercise.

The Tummy Smoothie Chocolate flavour is delicious with the nutritional benefits of a specially formulated meal replacement. This unique formulation includes support for your gut health by including probiotics, high fibre content keeping you feeling full and high protein to keep those hunger pangs down. There is also the inclusion of collagen to support a healthy digestive tract; altogether, the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate keeps your gut smiling.

Why you’ll LOVE the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate!

  • Including a Tummy Smoothie in your healthy meal plan can support weight loss when combined with exercise.
  • Supports gut health and a healthy digestive tract through probiotics, prebiotics and collagen.
  • High protein and fibre content to reduce hunger pangs and keep you feeling full.
  • Low in sodium and includes 22 minerals and vitamins.
  • Delicious Chocolate flavour
  • No added sugar, no fillers, no artificial sweeteners and no caffeine.

Real Mums Reviews The Tummy Smoothie Chocolate

Laura – “I tried the Tummy Smoothie, and I was impressed! I had no bloating, and it was really creamy. I’ve enjoyed Healthy Mummy smoothies for years, so this is a new one, and now I will continue to buy this one too.”

Shan – “Perfect for those chocolate cravings. High in protein, great for hitting your protein targets. Check out this new packaging!”

Shan tummy smoothie chocolate

Chloe – “This is by far my favourite shake out of the whole range. So creamy and delicious. I don’t add anything to it besides soy milk. It’s perfect on its own.”

Bernie – “My favourite Tummy Smoothie is the chocolate. It’s filling, creamy and a quick and healthy meal replacement that also satisfies my sweet tooth. The new packaging looks very good too.”

Bernie Tummy Smoothie Chocolate

Brooke – “Love love LOVE The Chocolate tummy smoothie, creamy, filling and that perfect chocolate hit- also how amazing is this new packaging?!”

Beth – “Easy to mix up and take on the go if needed. Helps me in the morning as I don’t eat breakfast very often, and at least I know I’m getting my dose of goodness.”

Nicole – “The Yummy chocolatey taste keeps me feeling full. Early days, but tummy feeling better.”

Cheree Sheldon offers a Nutritionists Review.

“Your gut health is a key component to your overall health and influences it heavily. Multiple conditions, such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and colitis, could negatively impact gut health. Keeping your gut healthy will help you stay healthy and can help support your weight loss. The formulation of the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie helps to support digestion and a healthy microbiome. The Tummy Smoothie Chocolate is a double whammy; it offers a way to improve your gut health and support your weight loss goals.”

A simple way to enjoy the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate

Grab a smoothie shaker and put 25g or 2 heaped tbsp of Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Chocolate flavour mix into it. Pour approximately 250ml of your favourite milk or even water and shake.

Suggested alternative serving: Use a blender to blend ½ a cup of your choice of fruit and/or vegetables, 250ml your favourite milk and 25g of the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate powder. Blend all ingredients until smooth, which could take a few minutes.

What else to know about the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate

  • Each tub is 450g or 18 serves per tub
  • The Tummy Smoothie mix is free from nuts, preservatives, yeast, wheat, corn, sucrose, seafood products and artificial sweeteners.
  • Find answers to any other FAQs about the Tummy Smoothie Chocolate here

Tummy Smoothie vs Healthy Mummy Smoothie - What’s the difference?

Comparing the Tummy Smoothie with the standard Healthy Mumy Smoothie gives you an idea of how both can support different parts of your healthy journey. These smoothies are alike and different, meal replacement smoothies and other overall benefits.

Support your gut health and get the benefits of our Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex whilst getting a complete meal replacement. Made chiefly of soy protein with a small amount of whey protein plus collagen, probiotics and prebiotics all working together to support your gut health. The protein mix reduces hunger pangs, collagen supports your tummy health, and a gut-friendly mix minimises irritation. With the addition of probiotics to support a healthy gut and prebiotics to help support those probiotics.

The standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie doesn’t offer these gut health benefits. Still, it does provide nutritional benefits to support your overall health. Besides the gut health benefits, the only other difference is the Tummy Smoothie offers a smoother and creamier texture than the standard smoothie with its formulation. Both smoothies are meal replacements that can support your weight loss goals when combined with an overall healthy meal plan and exercise.

Premium Smoothie vs Tummy Smoothie - What's the difference?

The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie and Tummy Smoothie are more alike than the standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie and Tummy Smoothie, but still different.

The Premium Smoothie is a meal replacement that also supports gut health with the inclusion of probiotics. This inclusion of probiotics is in addition to the base of premium whey-based protein and 23 vitamins and minerals that make up the Premium Smoothie. These premium ingredients help make the Premium Smoothie a more fierce taste and a creamier and smoother texture.

On the other hand, the Tummy Smoothie formulation includes the Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex and the benefits of a healthy meal replacement. The Tummy Complex is explicitly designed to promote gut health and a healthy digestive tract that promotes a healthy microbiome and healing. The Tummy Smoothie is based on soy protein with small amounts of whey protein.

With the similarities between the two meal replacement smoothies, include them both in your meal plan to support your health, gut and weight loss when you need it.

What is the Tummy Smoothie?

The Tummy Smoothie is a premium meal replacement that’s delicious and nutritious.

The Tummy Smoothie can help contribute to your weight loss goals when combined with exercise and a healthy calorie-reduced diet. The smoothie is high in protein and thus reduces feelings of hunger. It contains probiotics to support gut health and fibre to keep you fuller for longer.