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Just $28 for 28 Days to meet the NEW you! PLUS claim your FREE a 1 on 1 dietitian consultation!

Let us simplify a busy life with weekly meal plans, personalised shopping lists and on-demand workouts – all for just $1 a day!

  • Optimise your health with nutrition tailored uniquely to you with a FREE 30 minute 1:1 dietitian consultation
  • Full 7 day meal plans each week – Fully customisable.
  • You’ll learn how to make healthy eating simple and easy.
  • You’ll have UNLIMITED access to over 6,000 recipes.
  • You’ll have UNLIMITED access to fully guided fitness programs with over 600 workout videos.
  • You’ll get in shape with easy to follow at home workouts.
  • You’ll get 24/7 support and motivation from our community.
  • You’ll get INSTANT access to the 5 star rates Healthy Mummy app
Transform your health & fitness today!
Are you ready to level up? Join now and get instant access to The Healthy Mummy app PLUS book your FREE 30 minute dietitian consultation!

Optimise your Healthy Mummy App experience and your health with nutrition tailored uniquely to you and your needs!

Get premium plans at budget prices to support busy mums looking to rebuild their energy and reclaim their health!

No lock-ins contracts.


12 Months Access

$9.92 / month

RRP $399.00

$119.00 billed annually
Only $2.29 a week!

6 Months Access

$12.38 / month

RRP $297.00

$74.25 billed every 6 months
Only $2.86 a week!

Monthly Access

$28.00 / month

RRP $99.00

$28.00 billed every month
Only $6.46 a week!

We’ve proudly helped mums lose over 3 million kilos & improve their health

Mums just like you are completely transforming their health and bodies. You can do it too (and it’s easy!!)

What’s included?

Join the number 1 recipe, meal planning, health & fitness program for mums.

PLUS, receive direct access to Moshys team of medical practitioners for a personalised solution to help you achieve your goals and keep them!


Fully customisable weekly meal plans and a library of over 6,000 recipes


Personal trainer guided at-home workouts; More than 20 workout styles and 600+ videos


24/7 Support and motivation in our private support groups of over 260,000 other mums


MindPower program developed by Dr. Nikki Boswell to strengthen the mind


Mums save up to $200 a month with our budget-friendly, customisable meal plans.


Unlimited access to all past and present Challenges, features and complete libraries.


Personalised, practical and easy-to-follow advice to manage your weight and eating habits with an accredited Moshy dietitian.


Modern weight loss treatments personalised by a doctor to help take you beyond just willpower, with ongoing guidance from medical practitioners.


With a personalised approach to your health and weight loss with The Healthy Mummy X Moshy, get ready to unlock results like never before!

So much NEW to love 🥰

BRAND NEW Recipes – every week in April


Only one tap away
on your phone

Our 5 star rated app is easy to use and will help you smash your goals.

  • Search by ingredient
  • 8 dietary requirement options
  • 30 meal plan types
  • Personalised shopping lists
  • Meals from 10 minutes
  • Workout anywhere, any time
  • No equipment required
  • Chose your workout days
  • Fortnightly fitness tests
  • Cast to big screen
  • Track daily food and calories
  • Scan barcodes to add foods
  • Track daily exercise and activity
  • Link to your fitness devices
  • Track water intake & set reminders!


Lose weight eating the foods you love with our realistic program, tailor-made for busy mums

We’ve been there: we’re time poor, budget-conscious and need to feed the family. That’s why we’ve designed a realistic and achievable program to create LIFELONG CHANGE for you – and your family.


Get access to our elite team of experts

Get access to our elite team of experts, each ensuring you get MAXIMUM results on The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!


Your direct access to Fitness Experts!

Get Personal Trainer fully-guided daily workouts, including warm up and cool down or choose your own from our library of over 500 videos catering to all fitness levels!

Meet The Healthy Mummy Trainers

Meet Your Healthy Mummy Fitness Team

New Real Mums Workout in The Heathy Mummy

Fitness in The Healthy Mummy App


Get trusted advice from our team of medical practitioners

Optimise your Healthy Mummy experience with a completely tailored approach for you from experts you can trust!

Kirby Sorenson


Kirby Sorenson is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who studied a Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition and a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Kirby has worked within both community and hospital settings as a dietitian all across Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mount Isa and Townsville. Her most recent work was located in Townsville and its surrounding rural/remote communities. She has also recently completed further education in bariatric nutrition and gastrointestinal nutrition.

Kirby is passionate about providing individuals with a holistic, evidenced-based and multidisciplinary approach to nutrition and health. Her aim is to provide individualised nutrition advice to assist people in reaching their personal and nutritional goals.

Dr Joanna Sharp

Medical Director

Dr Joanna Sharp is a Sydney-based GP who has been working in Telehealth since 2015. She has seen first-hand how beneficial this access to healthcare can be for patients and believes there is so much potential to work alongside traditional models with this model of care. She’s particularly passionate about women’s health and advocacy.

Dr Niyati Sharma

Dermatologist & Medical Advisor

Dr Niyati Sharma is a qualified Dermatologist and is a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists. She is a consultant dermatologist at the Box Hill Hospital, and the Monash Medical Centre. She is also the founder of Inside Out Dermatology.


Moshy is an online health platform with a small army of experts to support you every step of the way in improving your health and wellbeing for long-lasting change. They are also the proud new owners of The Healthy Mummy and just as committed to supporting you in your health and weight loss journey as we are!

We are so excited to have partnered with Moshy to bring you an unparalleled personalised experience. The Healthy Mummy provides you all the tools for your health & weight loss journey and by connecting you online with certified practitioners, Moshy will help you optimise them with a completely tailored approach!


Why should I join The Healthy Mummy Challenge? 🤔

It works in just 28 Days! Find out how.

Our nutritionist designed meal plans are:

  • Balanced and healthy
  • Low in white sugar (don’t worry you can still eat dessert!)
  • Clean from processed foods
  • Rich in protein and fibre (yummy meat & nuts)
  • Budget friendly

Personal trainer designed exercise plans:

  • Designed to sneak in a quick, easy at home-workout
  • Start off slow and build your fitness level
  • Shed weight fast

The end result: you’ll feel fuller for longer, get your metabolism firing, and see results quickly.

Save money! Mums have saved over $200/month with our meal prep.

You can save money and eat healthily – one mum even saved over $10,000! Here’s how:

  1. Budget friendly recipes designed to fit into real moms budgets, targeted to be under $2.50 per serving.
  2. Meal prepping lets you plan for the week ahead, so you can bulk cook and have food ready every day.
  3. Shopping lists arm you so that you only buy what you need.

Eat delicious foods fully customisable to your diet & family size.

You won’t be deprived – how good do these recipes sound?

  • Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Pasta
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Beef San Choy Bow
  • Sticky Sesame Lime and Soy Chicken

It’s all customisable for you and your family’s dietary needs – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free or nut free!

92% of mums feel more positive about themselves after a month.

You’ll replenish your body with the right foods and liquids… plus did you know exercise releases happy chemicals into your brain?

And with the new Wellbeing section with Self Care videos, Mental Wellbeing Videos, Meditations and Podcasts. As well as 24/7 support from our private support groups. You’ll feel supported alongside a thriving community!

Are Moshy dietitians accredited?

Yes! All Moshy practitioners are full accredited so you can feel confident you are getting trusted advice from a team of experts using the latest evidence, designed to help your specific needs.

What will I get from the dietitian?

Expert nutrition and dietary advice personalised to you to improve your health and wellbeing.

The end result: You’ll have the knowledge from the dietitian and tools in The Healthy Mummy App to optimise your health and feel the results!

Will this still suit my family?

Of course! While the dietitian will provide nutritional advice tailored personally for you, you will still be enjoying all the amazing family & budget friendly recipes in the from Healthy Mummy app that over 260,000 mums across Australia JUST LIKE YOU love and trust to feed their families every night!

Is this an ongoing thing?

No, this is an incredible opportunity to help you get started with direct access to experts to help you optimise your Healthy Mummy experience.

Having regular check ups and check ins can have many benefits to ensure you are keeping up with changes in your body and if you would like this to be an ongoing thing, Moshy provide incredible and affordable options for this.

Real Mums,
Real Results

Lose 4 – 6kgs in 28 days!

28 days to improved health, fitness and body confidence – it’s simple and it works

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