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About this product

Our Premium Smoothie range is a constant sell-out. It is NOW available in a delicious and delectable smooth and creamy Premium Vanilla Smoothie Flavour!


Nutritionists and food technologists have created our Premium Vanilla Smoothie to deliver a push and support you to completely overthrow your weight loss goals and health.

What is the Premium Vanilla Smoothie?

Our Premium Vanilla Smoothie is the perfect addition to your healthy meal plan and part of your arsenal to help you get healthy and lose weight. It comes with a load of benefits and is:

  • A whey-based smoothie and nutrition-packed meal replacement
  • Based on an 80% whey protein premium protein blend
  • A smooth formula that is super creamy
  • Good for your gut with probiotics and 23 vitamins and minerals
  • Delicious Vanilla flavour
  • Super simple to make; just mix with your favourite milk and go! You can add some fruits and veggies and blend if you want some extra nutritional boost
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

How will the Premium Vanilla Smoothie help your weight loss?

Mums love our Premium Vanilla Smoothie because of its delicious taste and its many health benefits. It can also help you with your weight loss goals because it has:

  • Total calories of 110ˆ
  • High fibre content to help with digestion and help your feel full
  • Fewer carbs at just 3.9g per serve
  • High fibre and protein to keep you fuller for longer
  • The best nutritional breakdown to help increase energy
  • Essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to support health and weight loss

What else is great about the Premium Vanilla Smoothie?

Our range of Premium Smoothies has…ˆ

  • Extra amounts of vitamin A compared to a fillet of Salmon
  • Extra amounts of iron compared to a small steak
  • Extra amounts of potassium compared to 2.5 bananas
  • Extra amounts of zinc compared to 5 eggs
  • Extra amounts of calcium compared to a glass of milk
  • Extra amounts of folate compared to 2 cups of spinach
  • Extra amounts of vitamin B12 compared to a single chicken breast

Premium Smoothie

Serving suggestions

Place 30g of smoothie powder into a shaker and approx—250ml of your choice of milk.

450g | 15 serves

How does the Premium Vanilla Smoothie taste?

You’re going to love our Premium Vanilla Smoothie. It tastes fantastic, but it’s super creamy and has an intense flavour. If you don’t believe us see what other mums think…

Kate – “OMG, the new Premium Vanilla tastes delicious! And it’s so easy to mix up. You really don’t need to add anything else to it either. It’s smooth and creamy with a lovely intense vanilla flavour. I think I’ve found my new favourite!”

Irene – “I absolutely love my healthy mummy premium smoothies! So full of flavour, rich, creamy and smooth! They do not have that bad aftertaste you get with other brands of smoothies! That’s why I keep coming back and buying more!”

Pam – “It’s amazing. It’s creamy and smooth and filling. I have two smoothies per day and have already noticed the benefits. Thank you.”
Helena – “Purchased this flavour shake in the sales. Great value for money. Great flavour as I can add strawberries, banana, spinach or any fruit or veg. Love the premium range.”

Brooke – “Great flavour with or without additional fruit. My children even like to have some when I make it. The creamy texture makes it even more delightful to drink.”

Cheree Sheldon, a Nutritionist, reviews the Premium Vanilla Smoothie

For mums looking to increase their energy and support weight loss, the Premium Vanilla Smoothie is a great option. It offers a real nutritional boost for your day in a simple smoothie. With the multiple vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in the mix, you’ll not need to take those additional supplements when having a Premium Smoothie. Plus, the whey protein base means it’s super creamy and tasty.

Find out more about the Premium Smoothie range

Nutritional Information + Ingredients

Premium Vanilla Smoothie Nutritional Information Premium Vanilla Smoothie Ingredients
*Composed of 80% Whey and 20% Soy protein, our Premium Protein blend is a step up.

Looking at the standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie and Premium Smoothie, what is different?

The plant-based meal replacement smoothie is the original Healthy Mummy Smoothie. The most significant difference is the base for the formula between the two; one is plant-based vs whey protein-based. This smoothie is loved by The Healthy Mummy Community, and we won’t be getting rid of it, so don’t worry about that.

Our original Healthy Mummy Smoothie is high in protein and fibre, plus it contains 23 vitamins and minerals. Our mums loved this formula, but some preferred a smoother, creamier texture because they’re not used to the plant-based protein or high fibre meal replacement. We love to listen to our mums, so we looked for a formulation that even these mums would love without giving up the original smoothie. And our Premium Meal Replacement Smoothie was born.

To help get the smoother, creamier texture for our Premium Smoothie, we based it on our premium protein blend, which is whey-based. This new and different formula offers a much more robust flavour, removing the need to add extra ingredients unless you want to. Our premium whey-based protein also gives the premium smoothies a softer and creamier texture. It has the 23 vitamins and minerals of the original Healthy Mummy Smoothie. It adds some probiotics to help support gut health.

With our Premium Smoothie, you just need to mix with your favourite milk, shake and go!

What about the Tummy Smoothie? How is it different from the Premium Smoothie?

You could easily interchange the Tummy Smoothie and the Premium Smoothie when planning out your meals because they offer gut support. Our Premium Smoothie is a meal replacement smoothie formulation based on whey protein that contains 23 vitamins and minerals and probiotics. This gives it a smooth and creamy texture and robust flavour.

Our Tummy Smoothie is also a meal replacement smoothie, but it doesn’t just contain probiotics; it includes our Tummy Complex. Our Tummy Complex is specifically designed to sustain the digestive tract and gut, promoting healing and a healthy gut microbiome.

The most significant difference between the Tummy Smoothie and the Premium Smoothie is that the Tummy Smoothie is mainly soy-based rather than whey-based. There is some whey in the Tummy Smoothie but not as much as in the Premium Smoothie.

What is the basis of the Premium Smoothie price?

With an RRP of $69.99, our Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie is a little higher priced than our others, but there are often specials on, so make sure to check the site.

To create the Premium Smoothie, we use high-grade ingredients at higher prices. The vitamins, minerals and flavouring we use are top-grade which come with top tier costs. Our premium whey-based protein or probiotics are top-tier and, therefore, top price.

We want to make our Premium Smoothie using premium ingredients to get you that intense flavour, smooth texture and best results. To do this, we ensure that you get value for money in a premium product. We work hard to ensure our high-quality products suit our budget-conscious mums.

We strongly believe that you’ll not only see the benefits in your health but taste the difference in our premium product with its premium price.

Where does the Whey-Based Protein come from in the Premium Smoothie? Is it Grass-Fed Cows?

Our premium protein in our Premium Smoothie sources top tier whey from, yes, grass-fed cows. There may be bad weather when the cows eat other products to survive, but mostly they graze on grass in the field.

ˆwhen made up with reduced fat milk