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Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+


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Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+ in Detail

The NEW Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+ is a meal replacement weight loss smoothie which has been specially formulated to support the requirements of our mature mums.

A delicious and versatile vanilla flavour smoothie, Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+ contains:

  • Calcium to improve bone density*
  • Protein to Maintain muscle mass
  • Vitamin B6 balances hormone activity
  • Zinc, Vitamin C and E protect cells from free radical damage  
  • Contributes to weight loss and weight maintenance**
  • 20 essential vitamins and minerals
  • NO artificial flavours or preservatives

This super easy, nutrient-rich meal replacement for weight loss comes in at only 216 calories per serve and contains 20 serves per 500g tub.

* when eaten in conjunction with a diet high in calcium
**When used in conjunction with a diet reduced in energy and an exercise plan

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Why is Smoothie 45+ different to our normal smoothies?

  • MORE Vitamin D
  • MORE Vitamin C
  • MORE Vitamin E
  • Contains Probiotics

How else can Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+ benefit you?

  • No weight loss accelerants, caffeine, gluten and are dairy-free.
  • Non-Genetically Modified
  • Calcium to enhance bone mineral density^
  • 50% of your Vitamin D RDI to help with normal bone health
  • Free from vitamin K which can interact with blood medication
  • Great source of fibre to help with regular bowel movements
  • Good source of protein for muscle mass maintenance
  • Vitamin B6 for balanced hormonal activity support
  • Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E contributes to cell protection from free-radicals
  • Super easy, nutrient-packed meal replacement for weight loss – only 216 calories
  • Delicious and creamy formula
when eaten in conjunction with a diet high in calcium

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What the experts say…

What I like about this formula is how it is chock full of energy giving nutrients and herbs – perfect for women wanting to stay vital and vibrant over 45. In 1

 serve there is 50% of daily iron plus beautiful brain boosting B12, and herbs like Green Tea to help fuel both mental and physical resilience.

The key to good health is a healthy tummy and as we mature it is incredibly important to support gut function so we break down and absorb our food.  The probiotic, digestive enzymes and dandelion root added are a great combination for a healthy and comfortable tummy in women over 45+.

Considering 45+ is the age women are most at risk of a sluggish thyroid, which can cause weight gain, fatigue, low mood and hair loss, adding in daily iodine, selenium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin D is a beautiful and real way to support thyroid health.

With sugar cravings and weight gain harder to manage as we age balancing blood sugars becomes a daily necessity.  Nutrients like chromium and magnesium (in its highly absorbable citrate form) plus fibre and protein make this formula a lovely addition to a balanced blood sugar day for women 45+.

Sonia McNaughton, Nutritionist – AdvDip Nat, AdvDipNut, AdvDipWHM, BEcon


Ingredients and Nutritional Information



Healthy Mummy Smoothie 45+


or 4 payments of $14.24 with Afterpay

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