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About this product

We are delighted to launch our breakthrough Tummy Smoothie containing our Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex and available in Vanilla or Chocolate flavour.

A delicious and nutritious meal replacement, the Tummy Smoothie has been designed by experts to support your gut health, digestion and weight loss*. The smoothie is packed with probiotics that encourage a healthy microbiome and reduces bloating. Along with these benefits to your tummy, the Tummy Smoothie contains high amounts of fibre to keep you feeling full for longer. There’s also high protein in the smoothie to help keep the hunger pangs at bay. Plus, it’s free from artificial sweeteners, fillers and caffeine.

What is the Tummy Smoothie?

The Tummy Smoothie is a premium meal replacement smoothie that’s delicious and nutritious.

It contains probiotics to support gut health and fibre to keep you fuller for longer. When combined with exercise and a diet reduced in calories, the Tummy Smoothie can also help support your weight loss goals. It’s also high in protein and thus reduces feelings of hunger.

The Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie is the perfect addition to any healthy meal plan.

Reasons to LOVE the Tummy Smoothie

There are many reasons why you would love this smoothie, but some of our favourite reasons are that:

  • It can help contribute to your weight loss*
  • It contains probiotics to support gut health
  • It contains fibre to keep you fuller for longer
  • It’s high in protein which reduces feelings of hunger
  • It contains collagen, which also helps a healthy digestive tract
  • It contains 22 vitamins and minerals
  • It’s available in delicious Vanilla OR Chocolate flavours
  • It contains no artificial sweeteners, fillers or caffeine
  • It contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • It’s low in sodium

Nutritionist Review – Cheree Sheldon

“The health of the gut is a major influence when it comes to health. Gut health can include complex conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease and colitis. The ingredients in the Tummy Smoothie by The Healthy Mummy will work to encourage a healthy microbiome and support digestion. This smoothie is a 2 in 1 combo to help you manage your weight and improve your gut health.”

Real Mum Reviews

Rebecca – “I love it, I have a sensitive tummy, and this doesn’t affect it.”

Catherine – “I love this new smoothie! So creamy and just delish and helping with my bloating at the same time. It’s so yummy.”

Bernie with The Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Vanilla flavour

Cat – “I love how creamy the Tummy Smoothie mixes are, and bonus, they are gentle on my sensitive stomach! I was super stoked these blends have collagen in them, so it’s one less ingredient I need to add to my crazy busy morning smoothie.” 

Cat with the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Vanilla flavour

Cassie – “I absolutely LOVE this smoothie. It tastes like marshmallows! It’s super smooth, and I can just pop it in a shaker and shake and go.”

Kerry – “This is the only shake I’ve tried that doesn’t bloat me. I am over the moon.”

Kate with the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Vanilla flavour

Kate – “Loving the new look tins! Same amazing taste in a slick compact tin, so much easier to store in my pantry!”

Emily – “Bloating has been my biggest issue since forever! So I was excited to use the new Tummy Smoothie. I am so happy with the results after 2 weeks, and my muffin top in my jeans has massively reduced – I will definitely be using it long term.”

How to use the Tummy Smoothie

Place 25g (2x heaped tbsp) into a smoothie shaker and add approx—250ml of your choice of milk.

Serving Suggestion

In a blender, add the smoothie powder and milk with 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables of your choice and blend for 2-3 mins to a smooth consistency.

Additional Information

  • 450g | 18 serves per tub
  • Free from preservatives, nuts, artificial sweetener, sucrose, wheat, yeast, corn and seafood products
  • For FAQs on the Tummy Smoothie, click here
  • Check out our other specialised smoothies such as our Pregnancy Smoothie or 45+ Smoothie

*when used in conjunction with a healthy meal plan and exercise.
Nutritional Information – Vanilla 
Tummy Smoothie - Nutritional Information Tummy Smoothie - Vitamins and Minerals
Ingredients – Vanilla

Nutritional Information – Chocolate

Ingredients – Chocolate

How is the Tummy Smoothie different to the normal Healthy Mummy Smoothie?
There are some similarities and differences between the Tummy Smoothie and Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

The Tummy Smoothie was specifically formulated with your tummy health in mind. We developed the Tummy Smoothie product by combining a specialised blend of soy and whey protein and collagen to support a healthy tummy. We also used a specialised protein mix to reduce feelings of hunger. The product contains a probiotic blend to support and promote gut health and a prebiotic blend to help feed those specialised probiotics. Additionally, we’ve included a gut-friendly blend to try to reduce any gut irritation. It also contains high-end probiotics that support your gut health. The texture of these smoothies is creamier and smoother than the standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie due to a completely different formula.

Although both the Tummy Smoothie and normal Healthy Mummy Smoothie are meal replacement smoothies, only the Tummy Smoothie contains additional gut health benefits. It’s also soy-based, with some whey protein, whereas the normal Healthy Mummy Smoothie is plant-based.

What is the difference between the Premium Smoothie and the Tummy Smoothie?
Both the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie and Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie are meal replacement smoothies with gut health benefits. The Premium Smoothie offers probiotics to support your gut health and 23 vitamins and minerals. The Premium Smoothie is built off our Premium Protein which is whey-based. The Tummy Smoothie is predominantly soy-based with minimal whey. The Premium Smoothie has an intense flavour and a creamy and smooth texture.

The gut health benefits from the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie go beyond the probiotics the Premium Smoothie has. The whole basis of the formula for the Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie is to support a healthy gut by including our unique Tummy Complex. This means it’s a meal replacement smoothie that supports your gut and digestive tract and encourages healing and the growth of a healthy microbiome.
The good thing about these two smoothies is that you can use them interchangeably as part of your healthy meal plan, depending on your needs or preferences.