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About this product
 Cicily Goodwin’s life changed forever four years ago when she embarked on a weight loss journey that saw her lose a whopping 53 kilos in 18 months. Since then, she has overcome personal challenges that led to some weight creep back, but with help from her Healthy Mummy lifestyle and experience, she was able to get back on track and has maintained her initial weight loss since. She’s now living her healthiest and happiest life.

What’s inside this mini eBook on Cicily?

  • Cicily and her weight loss journey
  • Her top tips on how to get started
  • What made the difference to Cicily’s success
  • Cicily’s tip tips for staying motivated
  • Her advice on how to overcome a setback
  • Her favourite Healthy Mummy products
  • Ciciliy’s 10 favourite recipes
  • Tips on getting the most out of The Healthy Mummy App