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The Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan eBook


For most of us, there are times when we crave comfort food – it could be at that time of the month, or when we feel stressed, or when the weather is cold.

In light of this, we have created our easy to follow Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan to show you what an average week of healthy but hearty eating can look like. We have also created lots of additional comfort food recipes that you can incorporate into your weekly meal plan – all of which are very family friendly too.

The meal plan and the additional recipes are designed to show you that, by making the right food choices, you can still give your body the ‘comfort food’ it craves, but without all the fat, sugar and calories traditionally associated with comfort eating.

We hope you enjoy the plan and recipes.

The eBook Plan Includes:

    • A detailed 7 day comfort food eating plan
    • A 7 day shopping List
    • Additional hearty soup recipes
    • Additional family friendly comfort food dinners
    • Comfort food smoothies
    • Protein cookie snacks
    • Top ten seasonal food lists
    • Instantly downloadable as a PDF soon as you purchase
    • Created by top Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume
    • Safe for breastfeeding mums

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