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Butt and Thigh Workouts eBook



Butt and Thigh Workouts eBook


Butt and thigh workouts to shape up fast!

Focusing on the glutes, hips, adductors, abductors, hamstrings and quadriceps (that is, the butt and thighs) is particularly helpful in regaining core strength following pregnancy.


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Targeted workouts made for mums to shape up fast!
To help make regular exercise easier, we’ve put together a range of simple to follow workout plans, focusing on different areas of the body so you can choose what to work on when you’re ready. This guide focuses on the butt and thigh area and the workouts can be performed with your baby right by your side. Many standing exercises can be performed while holding your baby to your chest or straight out in front of you. Lying butt and thigh exercises can also create a wonderful bonding experience as you can often prop your baby up on your hips as you perform each exercise.

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