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Premium Caramel Smoothie Special!


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Get it before it sells out, our Premium Caramel Smoothie! Your favourite Premium Smoothie range now comes in a delicious, smooth and creamy caramel flavour.


Developed by food technologists and nutritionists, the Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie will boost your health. It will also transform your weight loss results and health whilst giving them a boost.

What is the Premium Caramel Smoothie?

There are many benefits to our Premium Caramel Smoothie but before we get to the benefits, let’s explain them. The Healthy Mummy Premium Caramel Smoothie is:

  • A meal replacement whey-based smoothie packed with nutrition
  • Composed of our 80% whey-based premium protein
  • Formulated to be extremely creamy and smooth
  • Filled with 23 essential minerals and vitamins
  • Supporting and enhancing gut healthy with probiotics
  • Delicious all on its own with no need for adding extra ingredients due to the intense caramel flavour
  • Speedy and straightforward to get ready. Just shake and go! You can add veggies and fruits or supplements. You’ll need to blend them.
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

How can the Premium Caramel Smoothie support your weight loss?

One great benefit of The Healthy Mummy Premium Caramel Smoothie is a meal replacement that offers weight loss support. Our Premium Smoothie offers this weight loss support by:

  • Being just 232 caloriesˆ
  • Being low carb – just 4g per serve
  • Keeping you fuller for longer with its protein and fibre content
  • Aiding digestion
  • Providing great nutrition that increases energy
  • Offering superior essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants

What else makes our Premium Caramel Smoothie great?

Supporting your weight loss goals isn’t the only significant benefit of our Premium Caramel Smoothie. Our full range of Premium Smoothies has…ˆ

  • Better vitamin A than you’ll find in a salmon fillet
  • Better iron than you’ll find in a small-sized steak
  • Better potassium than you’ll find in two and a half bananas
  • Better zinc than you’ll find in 5 eggs
  • Better calcium than you’ll find in a glass of milk
  • Better folate than you’ll find in 2 cups of spinach
  • Better vitamin B12 than you’ll find in a breast of chicken

But how does the Premium Caramel Smoothie taste?

OMG FANTASTIC!!! You will definitely love the taste of our Premium Caramel Smoothie. Like all our Premium Smoothies, it is extra smooth, incredibly creamy, and has a powerful flavour. Don’t believe us? Read what some of our mums say…

Premium Caramel Smoothie

Johanna – “I love this flavour. You can drink it as it is with almond milk or even just water. I, however, like to make a premium caramel smoothie with a little bit extra. Add in 3 sliced dates, half a pear, a sachet of the Carb X, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of flaxseeds and a teaspoon of chia seeds. Tastes soooo good. I’ll always buy this flavour over any others. Makes a big drink but keeps me full and is sooo tasty.”

Miranda – “The premium caramel smoothie is delicious and so full of flavour, not to mention thick and creamy. This one is on high rotation at my place.”

Shakirra – “I love the flavour and how everything is so thought out so you can calorie count if you choose. I’ve enjoyed adding frozen fruit to mix it up when I feel like it. Definitely recommend you mummas give these a try.”

Megan – “Much more delicious than the original (Healthy Mummy Smoothie).”

Julie – “It’s delicious. Love it mixed with the chocolate Premium Smoothie too.”

Premium Caramel Smoothie

Andrew –: “Sooo creamy, sooo smooth, sooo delicious! Definitely highly recommend.”

Debbie – “Beautiful and creamy. I like it mixed with dates, oats and ice.”

Madri – “This really hits the spot and tastes delicious. Get onto it now!”

Jess – “Great tasting. I even add some chocolate to give it some extra flavour.”

Serving suggestions

Place 30g of Premium Caramel Smoothie powder into a shaker and approx. 250ml of your choice of milk.

450g | 15 serves

Healthy Mummy Nutritionist, Cheree Sheldon, Reviews Premium Caramel Smoothie

The Premium Caramel Smoothie is based on whey protein which helps give it the creamy texture. It’s a simple way to significantly boost your daily nutrition loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. It would be like taking probiotics, multivitamins and fibre supplements in one premium smoothie for active mums. Plus, you boost your energy and will see a real difference in your health whilst helping weight loss.

Need some extra information?

If you’re looking for more information on our Premium Smoothie range, the rest of our smoothies or more reviews, check out the links below.

Premium Caramel Smoothie Nutritional Information + Ingredients

* 80/20 split of whey and soy protein makes up The Healthy Mummy Protein Blend

How is the Premium Smoothie and standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie different?

There are multiple differences between our standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie and our Premium Smoothie. A few of the key differences include:

  • Standard Smoothie uses a plant-based protein, while the Premium Smoothie predominantly uses whey-based protein.
  • Both meal replacement smoothies contain 23 essential minerals and vitamins, but the Premium Smoothie also contains probiotics.
  • The Premium Smoothie has a stronger flavour due to the premium components, which means less need for additions.
  • The Premium Protein used in the Premium Smoothie makes its texture smoother and creamier than the standard smoothie.

With 100,000s of mums in our community loving our standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie and seeing excellent health and weight loss results, we’re not giving them up. We developed the Premium Smoothie because some mums who weren’t used to the texture of a plant-based meal replacement smoothie asked for a smoother mixture.

The two smoothies have health and weight loss benefits, help you stay fuller for longer with their protein and fibre content, and boost your nutrition.

How is the Premium Smoothie different from the Tummy Smoothie?

The Premium Smoothie contains probiotics that help support gut health and the other 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Being a whey-based meal replacement weight loss smoothie, it offers multiple health benefits. It also has an intense flavour and a creamier and smoother texture than our other smoothies.

Containing our Tummy Complex, our Tummy Smoothie is a meal replacement that goes a little further to support your gut health. Whilst our Premium Smoothie helps keep your gut healthy with the addition of probiotics. Our Tummy Smoothie is specifically developed to help the digestive tract and gut. The Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex, which is core to the Tummy Smoothie, is formulated to promote healing in the gut and encourage a restorative microbiome.

The Premium Smoothie is predominately whey-based, whereas the Tummy smoothie is primarily soy-based and has a touch of whey protein. If you want to, you can have both smoothies included in your meal plan alternating depending on your needs.

How do you price the Premium Smoothie?

Our Premium Smoothie is priced slightly higher than our other smoothies at an RRP of $69.99. But you should always check your email and our shop for deals and sales that may be happening.

We work out the pricing of our Premium Smoothies based on the premium ingredients we use to formulate them. The minerals, vitamins and flavouring give the Premium Caramel Smoothie and other Premium Smoothies that robust flavour and smooth mouthfeel are top quality. It includes pricey components like the best of the best whey protein and probiotics.

We understand that mums are often budget-conscious, so we do our best to balance high-quality products and standards in our formulation with cost. We are committed to ensuring you get value for money when purchasing the Healthy Mummy Premium Caramel Smoothie. The Premium Smoothie is a premium product with a more premium price. Still, we firmly believe you’ll taste and feel the difference.

Are grass-fed cows used to make the whey protein in the Premium Smoothie?

Well, yes, our premium whey-based protein used in the formula for our Premium Smoothie is made using grass-fed cows. The only time the cows aren’t just grazing the grass in the fields is if the weather prevents them, things like flood or frost means they would eat alternate foods.

ˆworked out based on reduced-fat milk being used


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Premium Caramel Smoothie Special!