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As busy mums, The Healthy Mummy team knows how life is so much better when things are simple and don’t take up too much of our energy. We’ve all got loads on caring for our families and so we love it when things like healthy eating can be super simple if you know a few clever tips and tricks

Working out what to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day can be a little daunting but with all the healthy eating and lifestyle tips and tools The Healthy Mummy provides, it’s really easy to ensure you and your family are eating well and you’re not spending hours in the kitchen prepping meals

The meals in this cookbook are healthy, delicious, family and budget friendly, and easy to prepare. But most importantly they’re clever! Most of the recipes have a component in them that you can make in bulk ahead of time, and then turn into a number of other yummy recipes or use the leftovers to eat throughout the week

If you make a few of the base components of the recipes in bulk or prepare some of the key ingredients in advance, your life will be so much easier when you turn these into other healthy meals and can reduce your cooking to only one main task a day

Having a few of these types of recipes pre-made and up your sleeve will help you save time in the kitchen, avoid unhealthy takeaway options and stay within your grocery budget

We’ve included some tips about the best ways to meal prep too to save time in the kitchen, so that healthy eating is an absolute breeze Plus we’ve included four weeks of meal plans using these clever recipes, to show you how if you make a few things in advance you can eat well and only cook once a day!

We hope you love the delicious recipes we’ve chosen and that after following the meal plans, you’ll soon become a healthy meal prep professional!