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Smoothie Fact Sheet

Smoothie Fact Sheet

The Healthy Mummy Smoothie Fact Sheet

Find the right Smoothie for you

Meal Replacement Smoothies for Weight Loss*

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are a delicious and nutritious meal replacement product designed especially for Mums. Our smoothies can assist with weight loss when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Delicious & Nutritious

Our smoothies are packed with nutrients for busy mums and contain 23 vitamins & minerals. The smoothies are high in protein, a good source of fibre and contain healthy fats.

Designed for Busy Mums

Our Healthy Mummy smoothies are suitable for breastfeeding Mums*. We also have two specialist smoothies; the Pregnancy Smoothie and the 45+ Smoothie for mothers over the age of 45.

All Natural Ingredients

Our smoothies contain whole food ingredients and are up-to-97% sugar free. They are also free from fillers, artificial sweeteners and caffeine (except for the Espresso Premium Smoothie, which contains a small amount of caffeine!)

We don’t think you’ll find a better smoothie than that!

Nutritionist Review
Cheree Sheldon

Unlike other meal replacement smoothies, this one is naturally sweetened, so it’s not high in added sugars. The low GI formula helps regulate blood sugar levels and being high in fibre allows us to feel fuller for longer. And a bonus is there’s so many amazing flavours available!

One of the brilliant things about this smoothie, is it breast feeding friendly, as it doesn’t contain any caffeine* or other ingredients that are unsafe for breastfeeding mothers. It’s got ingredients in it to support milk production, and help digestion.

Mums have had amazing results using our Smoothies with our Healthy Mummy App


During my first 12 months on my weight loss journey I used the smoothies twice a day for breakfast and for a snack. Now I use them 3-4 times a week as a way to maintain my weight loss. The smoothies helped me lose weight in a number of ways and were a life saver after having a new baby and looking after a busy family!


When I found the Healthy Mummy I knew that I needed to change my ways for my health and so I could be the best mum to my kids. I needed something that catered for time poor mums having 2 kids under two, being gluten free and breastfeeding. The Healthy Mummy worked wonders for me and I have lost 40KG


The best thing about the Healthy Mummy is a combination of the incredibly supportive community and being realistic for all mums, from all walks of life. As a full-time working mum, the app in particular has truly simplified my life – meal planning, shopping lists, meals that are family friendly and super easy to prepare!


How many calories are in the Healthy Mummy Smoothie?

Each smoothie has a different caloric value, depending on its unique formulation and what you add into the mix, such as fruits & veggies.

For example, one Premium Smoothie made with 30g, contains approximately 217 calories per serve when made with 250mL reduced fat milk.

One Tummy Smoothie or Plant Based Smoothie made with 25g, contains approximately 205 calories per serve when made with 250mL reduced fat milk.

Our Pregnancy Smoothie is designed to be high caloric, to meet the additional energy needs of pregnancy.

Are the Premium, Tummy and Specialty Smoothies safe when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. The smoothies have been created to be low allergy and have been designed to be safe in breastfeeding* and have ingredients to help support milk supply – such as fenugreek, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds.

We consulted with the Monash University on our formulation and with a member of the Board of Dieticians to ensure it was safe in breastfeeding.

Please note if your baby suffers from colic or has any food sensitivities we recommend talking to your Doctor before changing your diet.
The smoothies do not have any caffeine*, chemicals or artificial ingredients in and are safe as a snack in pregnancy. However, we do not recommend following any weight loss plan in pregnancy unless under your Doctor’s supervision. Please note that one smoothie contains 180mcg RE vitamin A. The RDI of Vitamin A for pregnancy and breastfeeding is 700-800mcg daily, while the upper level of intake for pregnant and breastfeeding women is 2800-3000mcg.
We recommend using our Healthy Mummy Pregnancy smoothies in pregnancy instead and you can purchase these here.

*Except for the Espresso Premium which has a small amount of caffeine.

How many times a day can you consume a Healthy Mummy Smoothie?

The Healthy Mummy Premium, Tummy, 45+ and Plant Based Smoothies are Formulated Meal Replacements meaning they contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and contribute to your Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for many key macro- and micro-nutrients when consumed as part of a healthy diet.

The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies can replace 1 meal up to a maximum of 2 meals per day and we recommend you have a healthy meal for your 3rd meal of the day.The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothies must not be used as a total diet replacement. Our recommendations are broad and not tailored to your individual situation so as always, we recommend you seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Do the Smoothies contain any added sugar?

They do not contain any added sugar, however the sugars are shown on the Nutritional Information Panel and there are naturally occurring sugars in some of the ingredients in the smoothies.

Where are your Smoothies made?

Our Smoothies are made in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay, and include only whole food, natural ingredients and nothing nasty – ever.

Are Smoothies suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Our Plant Based Smoothies in Vanilla and Chocolate, are suitable for a vegetarian diet or vegan diet, too!

Is the Whey Protein in the Premium Smoothies from Grass Fed Cows?

Is the Whey Protein in the Premium Smoothies from Grass Fed Cows?

Yes, the Whey Protein in the Premium Smoothies is from Grass Fed Cows. Occasionally the cows are fed other components (for example in times of frost or drought) but it is mostly grass.

Are ‘meal replacement shakes’ really healthy?

Healthy Mummy Smoothies don’t deprive or starve the body – in fact, our focus is on nourishing the body. The Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix is like a super fuel for the body. It gives the body all of the nutrients it needs in each serving, and it doesn’t contain chemicals or weight loss accelerants. Furthermore, it is made from natural ingredients. It’s high in protein, a good source of fibre and is over 96% sugar-free.

Can my Hubby and Kids have the Smoothies?

We have designed specialty smoothies especially for fussy little eaters and men!

For kids, check out The Healthy Kids Smoothies; which are designed to be a healthy snack with a 4.5 Health Star Rating when enjoyed with milk.
For Hubby, check out our Healthy Man Smoothies scientifically formulated for Men. This formulated meal replacement is designed to boost health, vitality and nutrition just for men.


Try this delicious Chocolate Smoothie recipe, with any Healthy Mummy chocolate-flavoured Smoothie Mix. TRY NOW

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