About this product
Smoothies are the perfect meal or snack for busy mums. You can combine so many healthy ingredients, add milk or water and The Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix, and you have a nutrient-loaded meal in minutes!
For the cooler months, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite smoothies, comforting combos to suit the cold weather and help you continue your healthy lifestyle through winter.
Plus, we’ve added recipes for snacks and breakfasts that use the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix as an ingredient, for those times when you don’t feel like a smoothie but still want to load up on essential vitamins and minerals.
With these recipes, plus our tips and tricks on crafting the most tasty and healthy smoothie combinations, healthy eating through the winter chill will be a breeze. Buy your copy today, or you can access ALL 40 of our Healthy Mummy books from just $10/month with our eBook membership – get more details here!