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As busy mums we know how frustrating and disappointing it can be when you prepare healthy food for your children and they reject it! You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing different meals for everyone and you probably don’t want to offer unhealthy options, even though you know your children may eat them

You’re definitely not the only one who has asked themselves why your child no longer eats the foods they used to love. Why won’t they try new flavours? How do you get them to eat foods that are combined together? Are you the only one with a fussy eater?

So to help all those frustrated, sometimes overwhelmed mums with fussy eaters (pretty much all of us at some time), we’ve put together this Fussy Eaters Cookbook to help you understand the reasons behind your child’s fussy eating and difficult meal-time behaviours

In this book we provide you with practical strategies, ideas and recipes to assist you to manage these behaviours All of the recipes are family friendly so you, your partner and the kids can enjoy the meals together, and many come with tips and ideas on how you can present and prepare food to encourage your fussy eater to try new things.

It is important to note that if you do have concerns about the nutritional adequacy of your child’s diet, their growth, development or behaviours, that you seek the assistance of an appropriately qualified medical professional

We hope this book gives you some helpful techniques to avoid the frustration that can come with meal times with a fussy eater and that you and your family enjoy the healthy, delicious recipes.

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