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About this product

The Takeaway Makeovers eBook has recipes from around the world and includes Asian, Mexican, Italian, Indian and Traditional recipes. If you’re craving an unhealthy takeaway dinner, this book can steer you back in the right direction. It is possible to enjoy takeaway style foods with a healthy twist, that’s what this eBook is all about!

What’s in the Takeaway Makeovers eBook?

  • Takeaway tips
  • x6 Indian Recipes
  • x6 Mexican Recipes
  • x6 Pizza Recipes
  • x6 Asian Recipes
  • x6 Traditional Takeaway Recipes

We give your Favourite Takeaway Dinners a Makeover!

Traditional Takeaway can be unhealthy… the dishes are often packed with high sodium, lots of sugar, trans fats and contain artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. That’s not the case for the recipes in this eBook – you ca rest assured they are healthy and all real ingredients.

Takeaway Tips

In this eBook we give you tips on how to avoid ordering unhealthy takeaways which are bad for your body. If you find yourselves in a position where takeaway is unavoidable, we cover some of the best options you can choose.

Our Favourite Recipe

The Vegetarian Nachos taste AMAZING and they’re good for you. Follow this recipe for a delicious, vegetarian and Mexican dinner!