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Do you love a banana sundae? Then you’re going to be obsessed with our new Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie! This is just the latest flavour in our delicious, smooth and creamy Premium Smoothie range.


Our Banana Sundae Premium Smoothie will deliver the lift you want to transform your weight loss goals and health. It’s been formulated by nutritionists and food technologists to offer the nutrition you need.

So what really is the Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie?

Our Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie is set to become your new favourite Premium Smoothie flavour. Packed full of the nutritional benefits you come to expect from our Premium Smoothies in a tasty banana flavour. Here are some top things to know:

  • Nutrition packed meal replacement whey-based smoothie
  • Made from our premium protein blend which includes 80% whey protein
  • Off the wall smooth and creamy formula
  • Offers improved gut health with probiotics and 23 minerals and vitamins
  • Delicious banana sundae flavour
  • Speedy and simple to put together, merely shake and go! Or you can put in some veggies and fruits and blend.
  • Missing any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

How can the Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie support your weight loss?

The boost you get from our Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie can help support your weight loss. There are some specific aspects to our Premium Smoothies that do this:

  • Merely 109 caloriesˆ
  • Helps keep that full feeling for longer with its high fibre content which also aids digestion.
  • Just 3.9g carbs per serve making it low carb.
  • Along with the high fibre content, the high protein content assists with keeping you fuller for longer.
  • Giving the best potential nutrition in a smoothie will help boost your energy.
  • Offers an amazing source of critical minerals, vitamins and crucial antioxidants.

Could there be anything else great about our Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie?

Along with all we’ve mentioned before our premium smoothie range also has…ˆ

  • Get a bigger hit of Vitamin A than a Salmon fillet gives
  • Get a bigger hit of iron than a bit of steak gives
  • Get a bigger hit of potassium than two and a half bananas give
  • Get a bigger hit of zinc than five eggs give
  • Get a bigger hit of calcium than a glass of milk can give
  • Get a bigger hit of folate than two cups of spinach gives
  • Get a bigger hit of vitamin B12 than a single chicken breast gives

premium smoothie

What about the taste of our Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie?

OMG Fantastic!!! You’re definitely going to fall in love! Not only is the Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie super creamy, really smooth it has a powerful flavour you’ll love. Don’t just take our word for it; see what mums are saying about this premium smoothie flavour…

Sascha: “Absolutely delicious premium smoothie, it’s the most perfect flavour – imagine a banana paddle pop ? or add honey and cinnamon for a cafe-style banana smoothie! It’s a YES from me, 10/10!! ??”

premium banana sundae smoothie sascha

Bec: “This is next level ladies and a true trip down memory lane. The new super yummy Premium Banana Sundae smoothie is going to blow your mind.  With the amazing smooth premium smoothie texture and creamy goodness of your favourite milkshake as a child. This amazing premium smoothie will definitely be staying at the front of my smoothie stash.”

Nik: “OMG this new Premium Banana Sundae Smoothie takes me back to being a kid! It reminds me of the banana paddle pop ice creams. Add a scoop of the Powdered Peanut Butter too and it’s perfection. I’ve been loving it mixed into a bowl of Greek yoghurt as a snack too! This is one flavour I’ll be stocking up on!”

premium banana sundae smoothie nik

Samara: “Oh My Sundae! I am obsessed with the new Banana Sundae flavoured Premium Smoothie mix! It smells just like the candy bananas I used to have as a kid. And the taste is so smooth and creamy! This has now made its way into my top premium smoothie flavours!”

premium banana sundae smoothie samara

Serving suggestions

Place 30g of smoothie powder into a shaker and approx. 250ml of your choice of milk. 

450g | 15 serves 

Read a review from nutritionist Cheree Sheldon

The Healthy Mummy is helping mums get a nutritional boost similar to taking a multivitamin, fibre supplements and probiotics simultaneously. The formulation of the Premium Smoothie range is built on whey protein which means it’s smoother and has a more robust flavour. If you’re a busy mum, you’ll get the added support for your weight loss goals in this simple to make smoothie range.

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Nutritional Information

*Our premium protein comprises 80% whey and 20% soy protein

Premium Smoothie vs the Standard Smoothie: What’s the difference?

Our original Healthy Mummy Smoothie is loved by 100,000s of mums who have seen their health transformed. The plant-base of this meal replacement smoothie is supported by the 23 vitamins and minerals, high fibre and high protein content. The plant-based formulation of our standard smoothie was something not all mums were used to. We listened to their feedback, looking for a meal replacement with a smoother and creamier texture. If you love our standard smoothie and its results, don’t worry; we aren’t doing anything with that range.

We just listened to our community feedback and formulated the fresh and new Premium Smoothie range.

Like the Standard Smoothie before it, the Premium Smoothie is a meal replacement that will support your health and weight loss goals. The difference is it’s formulated using our Premium Protein which is whey-based, not plant-based. This brand new and different formulation allows for a smoother and creamier texture. This new formulation also offers a more robust and intense flavour which means if you don’t have time to add extra ingredients, you don’t need to. It includes 23 minerals and vitamins, high protein and fibre content. It has probiotics, which aren’t in the standard smoothie, to help with gut health. With the Premium Smoothie, you just need to throw it in a shaker with your choice of milk or water, shake and go.

Premium Smoothie vs the Tummy Smoothie: What’s the difference?

Our Premium Smoothie range are meal replacement smoothies and includes probiotics to support gut health. The probiotics work alongside the 23 essential vitamins and minerals to help you with your health and weight loss goals. The use of our premium whey-based protein in our Premium Smoothies allows for a smoother and creamier texture and a more robust flavour.

Our Tummy Smoothie range includes our Tummy Complex, which is specifically formulated to support your digestive system and gut in healing and to build a healthy microbiome. It’s also a meal replacement but with a soy base that contains a minor amount of whey protein. You can include both the Premium Smoothie and Tummy Smoothie in your meal plan and alternate them depending on your needs.

How much does the Premium Smoothie cost and why?

We price our Premium Smoothie at $69.99 RRP, but you should check our website or your emails for any sales or specials we may have.

Premium products come with premium prices because they’re built off premium ingredients. The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie range is no different. We use only the best ingredients in our formula, including top-grade probiotics, whey protein, minerals, vitamins and flavouring. These premium ingredients cost a little more but give the creamier texture and more robust flavour you’re used to with our Premium Smoothie range.

At the Healthy Mummy, we always keep front of mind giving the most value for money with our products whilst keeping our quality standards high. We did this when formulating and pricing our Premium Smoothie range. It’s a premium product with higher-priced premium ingredients, but we believe you’ll see, taste and feel the difference.

Does The Healthy Mummy use Grass-Fed Cows for the Whey Protein in their Premium Smoothie?

We use grass-fed cows when producing the Whey-based protein used in our Premium Smoothies. The only time the cows aren’t eating grass is when the weather (floods, frost, drought or similar) won’t allow them.

ˆestimated based on being produced with reduced-fat milk