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Samara’s Guide to Smashing Goals



Samara’s Guide to Smashing Goals



When Samara Rochelle Khoury signed up to The Healthy Mummy four years ago it was in a desperate bid to find herself. Racked with anxiety and suffering postpartum depression after her second baby was born, Samara had no idea she was at the beginning of the journey that would change her life forever.

Not only did Samara lose 17 kilos in 8 months, but she also beat her depression, transformed her mental and physical health and found a ‘fearless’ attitude to life that has seen her thrive.

What’s inside this mini eBook on Samara?

  • Samara’s weight loss journey 
  • Her top tips on how to get started
  • What made the difference to Samara’s success 
  • Samara’s tip tips for staying motivated
  • Her advice on how to overcome a setback 
  • Her favourite Healthy Mummy products 
  • Samara’s 10 favourite recipes 
  • Tips on getting the most out of The Healthy Mummy App 

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