March 24 Motivating Mums Bundle



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March 24 Motivating Mums Bundle


Metabolism Support Formula

Assists Sugar metabolism. A twice daily tablet to help the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body. Contains B1, B2, B3, B6 B12, Zinc and B5

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Smoothie Booster


Australian Pink Clay Mask

It’s pink and it’s powerful. Our decadent mask is formulated to smooth, brighten and purify so you can love the skin you’re in.

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Energy Boosting Super Greens Powder

Super Greens Powder is an energising and immune boosting blend of superfoods and healthy greens, it doesn’t taste like grass! Feel SUPER with Super Greens.  

  • Iron Powerhouse: More than 12 cups of Spinach
  • Vitamin C Bomb: Vit C from 1.4kg Oranges
  • B12 Boost: 56x more than a Steak
  • Calcium Kick: equivalent to 1L Milk

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Resistance Band with Handles

Tone and strengthen your body at home or on-the-go. Choose either light (Pink) or medium (Aqua) resistance.

Light (Pink)

Tummy+ Grab & Go Variety Pack

Tummy+ has been formulated by expert nutritionists to include additional benefits such as a higher protein content for increased energy and fullness.

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Tummy variety pack
  • 1 x Metabolism support
  • 1 x Smoothie booster – collagen
  • 1 x Australian pink clay mask
  • 1 x Super Greens
  • Resistance cables with handles (light_

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