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Low Carb Recipes eBook


Welcome to The Healthy Mummy LOW CARB RECIPES Cookbook!

Carbohydrates often get a bad name when it comes to weight loss. We’re told that foods like bread, pasta and potatoes should be removed from our diets if we want to lose weight. But what are the facts?

The most effective way to lose weight is to always eat from sensible, balanced meal plans, like those in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, where you are ensuring you are loading up on nutrients, fibre, protein, good fats and healthy carbs. Eating like this will keep you feeling fuller for longer, balance your blood sugar levels and fill you with energy.

Like with sugar or fats, there are some carbs that are best to eat in moderation and some that are really good for you and will help with reaching your weight-loss goals.

Eating too many starchy, high-sugar carbohydrates like white breads, white pastas and rice, sugary cakes, pastries and biscuits can cause havoc with your blood sugar levels and can lead to poor digestion, sugar cravings and low energy.

Whereas including healthy carbs in your meals like leafy greens, vegetables and wholegrains will provide you with lots of fibre to ensure your digestive system is working at its best for effective weight loss.

It’s important to team wholegrain carbs with protein and healthy fats to help you feel satisfied for longer after eating and assist with a lower insulin release into your system, sustaining your energy for longer.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite low-carb recipes that you can include in your weekly meal plans, to help you get an idea of how carbs should be incorporated into healthy eating for weight loss.

We’ve also provided some tips and information about carbohydrates so you can make the right decisions for you and your family.

We hope you love the delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes and can learn how to include carbs into your diet in the best way for you.

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