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Intro to 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge eBook


Introduction to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge eBook 

With over 100 recipes and exercise workouts, this is your complete guide to losing weight. 

Losing weight is never an easy task, but when combined with the sleepless nights and hectic days of a busy mum, it can seem momentous At The Healthy Mummy, we understand exactly the hurdles you’re facing because we’ve faced them ourselves The good news: you can do this, and we can help!

With this eBook, we’ve thought about all the little things that stop you from living your healthiest life and we’ve come up with a series of handy hints and hacks to help you overcome them No time to cook up a feast every day? Our quick and easy recipes have got you covered. Sluggish metabolism letting you down? We’ve got a fix for that

At The Healthy Mummy, our philosophy has always been about balance, looking after your mental health as much as your physical wellbeing. In this book, we’ve provided ideas for carving out time for yourself and tackling stress, because we firmly believe that looking after your state of mind has a direct impact on your weight and general health

Plus, as well as dozens of our favourite simple and delicious recipes, we’ve also included a three-day cleanse programme to kick-start your weight loss or bust through a bothersome plateau

We hope this book gives you all the tools you need to be your happiest and healthiest self in 2018

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