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Energy Boosting Super Greens

The nutritious & delicious energy boost!

Specifically designed for busy mums, the Healthy Mummy SUPER GREENS supplement is here to help boost your energy and support your immune system.

Healthy Mummy Super Greens powder is the culmination of extensive research and development.

The combination of natural ingredients are designed to provide a range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Energy Boosting Super Greens

The power-packed powder contains over 37 whole food ingredients in an easily digestible & nutritional formula, combining real food sources to deliver a powerful blend of nutrients to give tired mums the energy they need.

They’re also safe for use in breastfeeding and free from preservatives.

Healthy Mummy Super Greens contains:

  • More IRON than 12 cups of Spinach!
  • The Vitamin C equivalent of 1.4 kilograms of Oranges!
  • 56 x more Vitamin B12 than a beef steak!
  • The calcium equivalent to one litre of milk.

AND it TASTES delicious!!

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Get your daily boost!

Get your daily boost!

The Healthy Mummy SUPER GREENS is specifically designed for busy mums. Our vitamin supplement is here to help boost your energy and support your immune system.

  • It’s safe for use in breastfeeding.
  • Designed to help boost energy in tired mums.
  • Contains over 37 quality superfood ingredients.
  • Contains probiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fibre.
  • It contains alkaline superfoods rich in nutrients designed specifically for busy mums
  • It’s great tasting with a slight cranberry taste
  • Tastes good enough to be drunk with just water.
  • To protect the nutrients in our premium quality ingredients, the foil packaging has been designed to withstand heat.

Super Greens contain probiotics to keep you healthy as well as a high percentage of spirulina (the most nutrient dense food you can get). The vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the body so you can enjoy the benefit sooner.

  • 56x more vitamin B12 than a steak.
  • The equivalent amount of calcium found in three serves of cheese or 1L of milk.
  • The same amount of iron as 12 cups of spinach.
  • The Vitamin C equivalent as 1.4kgs of oranges or 500g of red capsicum.
  • 11x more iron than kidney beans.
  • 50x more vitamin B12 than Atlantic salmon.
  • 11x more vitamin C than 100ml of orange juice.
  • The same amount of B12 as 77 eggs.

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