About this product

We are offering a special budget rate on our Healthy Mummy Smoothie subscription

On this offer, you receive 3 Healthy Mummy Smoothie per month at a super low rate – this means you never run out and if you don’t need more than 3 a month you can easily change to 2 a month or 1 month

Why is this offer so good?

  • There are no lock ins and you can cancel at any time
  • You choose whatever flavour you need
  • You can choose to get this deal on the Pregnancy Smoothie or the standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie
  • You get a permanent low rate and have the hassle of re-ordering taken away
  • You can hold your monthly subscription for a month if you are going away
  • The Healthy Mummy Smoothie is a HIGH value product with no chemicals in. It is high in nutrition and packed full of vitamins and minerals and contains no added sugar plus is fructose free.