The Quick and Easy Dinners eBook includes 30 healthy recipes that are perfect for weeknight dinners or when you are simply strapped for time!

What’s included in the Quick and Easy Dinners eBook??

  • Top tips for making home cooking a breeze
    • Become a list Boss
    • Save time online
    • Prep like a pro
  • 10 Meat Recipes
  • 10 Fish and Seafood Recipes
  • 10 Vegetarian Recipe

Quick and Easy Dinners are Essential for Healthy Mums

Weeknights can be a big rush for busy mums. Trying to squeeze in work, the school run, family activities and life admin means it can be really tough to find time to cook a healthy and delicious meal. On top of that, we all just want something yum on the table as soon as possible, right?!

We hear you! To help bring delight to every weeknight, we’ve collated anamazing selection of doable dinners. On top of making food simple anynight of the week, they’re also healthy, budget-friendly, delicious,easy to prepare and super-quick to get on the table!

There are heaps of different options, including vegetarian, meat, and delicious fish and seafood selections. Each one includes nutritional information, soyou can be confident you’re serving up a great balance of flavours andnutrients to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

Our top tips on weeknight meals are simple: draw up a meal plan for the week, every week. It makes food shopping super-simple! And if you can, set aside a couple of hours on the weekend to do some meal prep. For instance, try cooking up rice and quinoa, chopping veggies or batch-cooking a dish. Pop everything you’ve prepped in the fridge or freezer and you won’t need to bother with takeaways at all. Trust us, WeeknightYou will be thanking Weekend You so much as you serve up amazing meals in tiny time frames, Monday to Friday!

We’re excited to share these tips, tricks and recipes with you and can’twait for you to see your healhty dinner shots. Share them with us here in The Healthy Mummy Facebook group!

We Love the Fresh Vegetarian Linguine, it’s Super Quick and Easy to Make!

Easy Dinner - Vegetarian Linguine