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Healthy Kids Dinners eBook


The Healthy Kids Dinners eBook is designed with your fussy little eaters in mind! There is 25 recipes that are great for your kids dinners.

Reasons to LOVE the Healthy Kid Dinners eBook

  • 25 healthy dinner recipes that your kids will love
  • Designed with fussy eaters in mind
  • Meat, fish and vegetarian recipes. PLUS quick and easy recipes
  • Includes recipes where your kids can help make them
  • Top tips for getting kids to eat healthy dinners

As busy mums we know how frustrating and disappointing it can be when you prepare healthy dinners for your kids and they reject them! You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making different meals for everyone and you probably don’t want to offer unhealthy options, even though you know your children may eat them.

You’re definitely not the only one who has asked yourself why your child won’t eatfoods they loved a few months ago. Why won’t they try new flavours that you love? How do you get them to eat a wider variety of healthy options?

We’ve put together this book of Healthy Kids Dinners, loaded with some of our favourite family-friendly recipes that we know your kids will enjoy. Plus we’ve included lots of facts and tips to help you encourage your children to eat better at the dinner table and reduce the stress that can come with getting kids to make healthy choices .

We hope this book gives you some helpful techniques to avoid the frustration that can come with meal times and kids . We also hope that you and your family enjoy the healthy, delicious recipes .

Our pick is the Fish & Slaw Burritos below. They look and taste AMAZING!

Healthy Kids Dinners

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