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FAQ On Payment Switch For 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you are an existing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member you now have the option to SWITCH your payment option from monthly to the NEW quarterly option giving you a 64% discount and working out at $29 a month

See commonly asked questions below

How do I switch?

Easy! Go to Manage My Membership when you are logged in and follow the SWITCH instructions

When I switch does payment happen straight away?

No – when you switch you are moving onto the new quarterly payment system and when your next normal payment is due to come out is when payment will happen. For example if your regular payment comes out on the 15th of the month and you switch on 5th November, on the 15th of November is when your first quarterly payment will happen.

Will my rate ever go up?

No. When you join any membership payment with us, your payment is locked in as your regular payment from the date you join – this is why it is so good! You will always have this low rate and never have any increases.

What if I joined pre June 23rd
Unfortunately switching membership is not possible if you joined pre this date as we used a different system back then and the system isn’t smart enough to enable the switch. But you can cancel and rejoin to get the super cheap rate still – so there is a way around it but a bit more clunky!

Can I cancel at any time

Yes you can and there are no lock ins. But we really hope you LOVE what we do and love the fact that we have created a fully holistic health and exercise and interactive Challenge for $1 a day. Plus our App is coming in mid Dec!

Why are we doing this?

We recognise that most mums like to do multiple challenges and follow the challenges for over 6 months and stay using the Challenge for the long term. And because of this, we wanted to give something back to loyal customers and make the Challenge and healthy living even more affordable.

Make the switch here and save $$

And if you are reading this and are NOT a challenge member – you can join here to get your 64% discount

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