Wellness Program: Sleep Improvement



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Wellness Program: Sleep Improvement


A 3 day program teaching you simple tools to benefit sleep & rest.

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Our sleep program helps you make simple and realistic steps to improved sleep, by giving you tools to manage your day-to-day stress.

Our comprehensive 3 day program, will provide you with:

  • Meal plans for simple nutritional swaps to improve sleep quality, including recipes for 3 main meals & 3 healthy snacks per day
  • Guided breath-work programs targeting relaxation & de-stressing priming you for refreshing sleep
  • Guided Yoga, Pilates & Meditations to establish a connection between physical and mental relaxation for improved sleep
  • Podcasts from sleep-expert and Naturopath on how to get a better nights sleep
  • Info-blogs from our expert Wellness Team, with easy and realistic strategies for relaxation and a better nights sleep
  • Easy to follow 3 day program guides you on when to take each step to make things super simple and effective
  • Everything at your finger tips you can easily access the program from your Healthy Mummy account on your smart device



Our Wellness Modules are developed by expert specialists, so you know you're getting the best possible support.

Bek Nutter

Naturopath, Sports Performance and Clinical Nutritionist, Breath Coach and Personal Trainer

"Slow breathing has been shown to naturally lift melatonin, our sleep hormone, to help us get a better night’s sleep."

Lyn Savage

Meditation and Yoga Instructor

"Yoga is a low-impact and restorative practice that assists with relaxation techniques to better improve quality of sleep."

Jo Wall

Pilates Instructor Personal Trainer

"It seems the problem is, people also have less time they spend on themselves these days. Find 10 minutes every day to move, stretch and breath.” 

Kaitie and Sascha

Healthy Mummy Food Squad

"We're here to help you make small nutritional swaps, to help you improve mood, and overall wellbeing!"

Nicole Top


"We are not meant to do all of this alone and mental health is something that everyone has and needs support with from time to time.”

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