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Tonik Booty Pack



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Tonik Booty Pack


Skip the guilt and snack with confidence. All of the benefits of protein, low carb & low sugar in a layered bar for mums on-the-go.

Tonik High Protein Snack Bars

Material Premium Booty Bands - 3 pack

Tone your glutes and thighs at home or on the go with three levels of resistance.

Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

Skip the nasty micro-plastics. This gentle scrub is made from coffee grounds and natural, moisturising ingredients, that will leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant!

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Beat the BLOAT. A gentle formulation to help relieve abdominal bloating and discomfort resulting in a visibly less bloated tummy. Doesn't that sound like confidence in a capsule?

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Tonik High Protein Snack Bars – your choice of flavour
  • 1 x Premium Material Booty Bands
  • 1 x BLOAT Tablets
  • 1 x Coconut Coffee Body Scrub

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