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About this product

Your complete guide to our NEW 8 Week Challenge!

Losing weight is never an easy task, but when combined with the sleepless nights and hectic days of a busy mum, it can seem enormous

With our 8 Week Challenge, we’ve thought about all the little things that stop you from living your healthiest life and we’ve come up with a series of handy hints and hacks to help you overcome them.

What’s in the Challenge Tool Kit?

  • Workout your BMI & BMR
  • Goal Setting – We help you set achievable and realistic goals that you will smash over the 12 weeks. Plus we have a handy goal planner!
  • Keeping your motivation – this section aims to inspire and provides tips on how to stay motivated.
  • Planning – Tips on planning for  healthy eating and exercise plus 3 downloadable planners: a meal planner, grocery list and weekly planner
  • How to Save Time & Money – this section aims to inspire and provides tips on how to save time and money!
  • Tips of  Nutrition, Fitness and exercise, and Emotional Health –  learn how to stay on track, motivated and how to overcome obstacles on your journey.
  • Real Mums Stories – 7 Mums tell their stories and inspire you.
  • The Healthy Mummy Product Range – Introducing some of our favourite products that can help you on your weight loss journey.