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Postpartum exercise


Exercise Programs

at Home

Developed by experts. Postpartum safe exercises, recipes and 24/7 support so you can get back to what you love.

Low impact workouts

Core strength recovery

Nutritional meal plans

Recover strong.

Get back to doing what you love.

Our Postpartum Plans

No lock-ins contracts.


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Note: Please seek clearance from your doctor before commencing new programs during your postpartum journey.

Postpartum exercise

Developed by experts. Postpartum safe exercises, recipes and 24/7 support so you can get back to what you love.

What’s included?

postpartum safe NUTRITION

Customised weekly meal plans, which can be tailored to dietary requirements

postnatal safe MOVEMENT

Low impact workouts guided by personal trainers which you can do at home


24/7 support and motivation in our private support group of over 260,000 other mums


A program that grows with you; customise dietary requirements & exercises to suit you


Stay on track with hydration and nutrition with tracking tools

MEntal WellbEing

Guided meditations, podcasts & MindStrong program to support your mental wellbeing

Proudly supporting mums to feel happier and confident

Mums just like you are getting back to doing what they love. You can do it, too (and it’s easy!)

I am forever grateful for the Healthy Mummy as it has really helped me love myself, love my body, love what my body has achieved and what it continues to achieve throughout my postpartum journey”.


“The Healthy Mummy is a lifestyle change, you learn to make healthy choices, replace bad with good and do what is best for your body, it is that simple.


Low impact, mindful movement

600+ guided workouts

Meet The Healthy Mummy Trainers



Fitness in The Healthy Mummy App


Connect with a Community of Aussie Mums


You’re not alone. Get connected with thousands of mums all with similar struggles, triumphs and goals from prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum stages and beyond.

Connect to the Community


Developed & Approved by Postpartum Experts ✅ 


Low cost, simple recipes.

We plan your meals so you don’t have to. They’re quick & easy to prepare, nutritionally balanced and fully customisable to your dietary requirements and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start to lose weight after having a baby?

This is a personal decision for each mum, and for some mums this is after 12 months, and for others a lot sooner. Even if you are desperate to lose your weight, we recommend not starting to think about weight loss for at least 8 weeks post-birth as life is hectic enough with a newborn! And we always recommend talking to your Doctor before doing any kind of exercise and changing your diet. But if you are wanting to start having The Healthy Mummy Smoothies from birth that is also fine, they are a great nutritional product, just don’t put pressure on yourself to lose weight too soon.

How does the Healthy Mummy Postpartum Program work?

The Healthy Mummy postpartum program is all apart of our wholistic 28 Day Challenge and Healthy Mummy App. In the App, you can customise your program to suit you. Here’s how to set up your 28 Day Challenge experience as a new mummy:

Fitness: Select from our range of postnatal HIIT workouts, low impact yoga routines, or baby wearing workouts

Meals: follow along with the current Challenge meal plan theme, or choose from any previous theme. You can also customise your meal plan to your dietary requirements, or targeted goals such as by selecting Hormone Balancing, Keto, Budget Saver or any of. the amazing custom options.

Tracking: use the tracking features to monitor your water intake, macros, weight and more, to track your progress and meet your goals

Wellbeing: follow the MindStrong program, meditations and podcast episodes to nourish your mental wellbeing

The great thing about The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge, is it can be customised to your liking, and grow with you throughout your motherhood journey. When you’re ready to progress, you can choose from higher impact workouts, set new goals, and get back to doing what you love!

What is included in the program?

Everything you need, in one easy to use app to make your recovery journey simpler. Including:

– Database of 600+ trainer-led workout you can do from home, including prenatal safe HIIT workouts, baby wearing workouts, pelvic floor and core recovery and more.

– Database of 6,000+ recipes you can search by ingredient

– Weekly meal plans customisable to your dietary needs and goals, with organised shopping lists

– Access to The Healthy Mummy private support group on Facebook, for 24/7 support from Motivating Mums (long time group members with a wealth of knowledge and experience), and a safe, supportive and monitored community

– Tracking tools for staying hydrated, balancing your macros, monitoring your BMI and more

– Mental wellbeing podcasts, guided meditations and MinStrong program, to support mind, body and soul

How can I customise my meals?

You can choose healthy meals that include budget-friendly ingredients, and you can make sure you’re always ready with something to eat before you’re hungry. This is where we come in! We plan out the meals for you on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge so you don’t have to!

How can I get started on the App?

Starting a new journey can be a daunting experience, especially if you are planning on making some serious lifestyle changes.

Whilst it may initially feel a little overwhelming, breaking it all down into easy-to-follow steps will make the process so much easier.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time throughout the Challenge?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly, 6 monthly, or annual Healthy Mummy membership at any time. You will continue to have access to the Healthy Mummy App for the remainder of the period you have paid for.

When does the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge start?

Each new weight loss Challenge starts monthly on a Monday. If you miss the start date, don’t worry! You can join the Challenge at any time and access all the recipes and meal plans just like everybody else.

Can I print out my meal plans and recipes?

Yes you sure can!

If you tap on Food in the Healthy Mummy App, you can then select to view your Meal Plan in Daily or Weekly format.

Select which suits you the best, and scroll down to the Print option. This will convert the meal plan into a PDF format, ready to be sent to your printer.

Resources to get you started

A realistic guide to postnatal weight loss

Our guide on what’s realistic for new mums; setting realistic goals + when to start

5 things I wish I knew about postpartum body image

Real mum, Denise Tahuri shares her experience

Looking after your pelvic floor

It can take 3+ months for these important muscles to redevelop their strength post-baby

Real Mums,
Real Results

Lose 4 – 6kgs in 28 days!

28 days to improved health, fitness and body confidence – it’s simple and it works

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