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Jo lost 50kg*

Meal plans, recipes, support and daily exercises - all created for BUSY mums

The BELLY BLASTER round starts Monday

October is the Belly Blaster round - Join from UNDER 60c day - ENDS Sunday Midnight

All October meals & exercises designed to BLAST BELLY fat

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The affordable, realistic and easy-to-follow Mums-only Challenge

What's it all about?

Think of the challenge as the best value personal trainer, dietitian, meal planner, chef and motivational coach that you have access to every day – without the high cost and all created JUST FOR MUMS.

Never get bored

Every month is DIFFERENT with over 100 NEW recipes added each month. EVERY MONTH you receive NEW 28 Days of FAMILY FRIENDLY customisable meal plans, daily exercise plans with videos and daily support. It’s also breastfeeding friendly

What's Included?

Meal Plans & Recipes

Our family-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly, affordable & customisable meal plans to help you lose weight & lose tummy fat.

  • Customisable! Customisable meal plans & personalised shopping list

  • Over 3,500 recipes! The Challenge has over 3,500 exclusive recipes plus 100 NEW ones each month

  • Realistic! Realistic menus – no food groups cut out.

  • Budget & family friendly! Budget & family-friendly – option to increase number of serves for each meal

  • Breastfeeding friendly! Our plans are breastfeeding friendly

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Workout Plans & Exercises

Our exercise routines are time efficient and effective and have been designed to burn maximum fat in minimum time and include long play DVD style workouts

  • Time effective!28 days of time-efficient routines (no gym needed) – with videos to follow

  • Fitness Tests! Fortnightly fitness tests to measure your progress

  • Pilates & HIIT! Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)

  • Special consideration workouts! Pelvic floor & muscle separation exercises provided

  • Long play DVD workouts! Includes long play DVD style video workouts

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Support & Community

We have an ENORMOUS support network of OVER 1 million mums and we are all in it together

  • The private support group! Join our private support group to chat daily with thousands of other mums

  • Speak to Motivating Mums! Speak daily to the motivating mum squad who are there EVERY DAY to support you

  • Chat to The Healthy Mummy Team! Chat daily to the Healthy Mummy admin team who are available 6.00am to 10.00pm

  • Biggest community of mums! Be part of the BIGGEST mums only healthy living community anywhere in the world

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October is the BELLY BLASTER Challenge - Get MAXIMUM results for Summer

Take the challenge with you with our FREE 28 Day app when you join. Manage your recipes and meal plans, get your shopping list and do your workouts.

For Android and iOS

Over 3 million kg* lost!

Join 100,000’s of mums just like you and reach your goals *results can vary from person to person

Rae lost 18kg

"I had lost all self confidence in myself - mentally and physically. Then I found The Healthy Mummy and I have never looked back"

Elle lost 26kg

“The reason it worked for me is because it is designed to be attainable for new mums, family life and generally busy people”

Jo lost 50kg

"I loved that the 28 Day Challenge was breastfeeding friendly and so easy to do - plus was budget friendly. I have got my confidence back"

Renee lost 47kg

"I wanted to lose the weight so I had energy to chase my little boy around and I am so glad I started on the 28 Day Challenges"

As seen on Today Show - plus the BELLY BLASTER round starts MONDAY!

Choose the plan to suit your budget - from under $1 a day


  • Never pay more! Discount locked in for the lifetime of your membership.

  • Risk free! No lock-in contracts, cancel at any time.

  • Recipes & Meal Plans. Over 3,500 healthy, family-friendly recipes and customisable weekly meal plans.

  • Workouts Plans & Exercises. Get body confident with daily workouts for busy mums, plus a library of mum-friendly exercises.

  • Daily Support. Constant support, inspiration & motivation from our Team & the Challenge community.

  • Never get bored! We keep it fresh with a new theme every month, including new recipes and new workouts.

  • Do it anywhere! Access the challenge from our mobile friendly website, or download the app that comes with your challenge membership

Six Monthly Subscription

$300 $179 every 6 months
Use code SALE50 to save a FURTHER $50. After discount Works out at a cost of $21.50 a month
Plus get Butts & Thigh Exercise eBook RRP $25.
Cancel at any time.
No lock in contracts.

Monthly Subscription

$99 / month
Use code SALE35 to save $35. After discount Works out at a cost of $65 a month
Plus get Butts & Thigh Exercise eBook RRP $25.
Cancel at any time.
No lock in contracts.

Quarterly Subscription

$220 $129 every 3 months
Use code SALE20 to save a FURTHER $20. After discount Works out at a cost of $36 a month
Plus get Butts & Thigh Exercise eBook RRP $25.
Cancel at any time.
No lock in contracts.
Still not sure? Check out our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many calories a day is the meal plan?

    The meal plans are all made to be approximately 1400 -1500 per day. But you don’t need to calorie count. Our focus is on healthy eating and nutrition rather than counting every calorie. However, you can check your BMR on our site and if you have a higher BMR or are breastfeeding, increasing the daily calories each day – and we give you tips on how to do this on each meal/recipe

  • Don’t you need to eat 1,200 calories a day to lose weight?

    This is a common misconception as 1,200 is a very low calorie amount and whereas it suits some people – it does not suit most others who need a lot more.

  • What happens if I don’t like a meal on the plan?

    You can customize the menu and swap and meals on the weekly plan for a different one that you do like

  • Can I cancel when I want?

    Yes you can. You have complete control on pausing, switching to a different plan or cancelling. It is a subscription – so if you don’t cancel, your low rate membership will continue but if you decide to cancel, you just log into the website and cancel online.

  • Does the rate ever go up?

    No – the rate you join on, is your low rate for as long as you stay with us.