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About this product

The Healthy Mummy TUMMY  is here to aid digestion and reduce bloating naturally. A nutritious formula with organic herbs, Omega-rich sources of fibre and probiotics which assist with gut health and bloating.

TUMMY - reduce tummy fat and bloating

13 serves per pack

Benefits of Tummy:

  • Reduces BLOATING
  • DELICIOUS Choc-Chai flavour
  • Contains FIBRE that contributes to regular bowel movements
  • Source of OMEGA 3, healthy fats
  • Nourishes your tummy NATURALLY
  • PROBIOTICS that help to balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system
  • SUPERFOOD enriched. Contains superfood ingredients including Chia Seeds and Flax seeds
  • Suitable for VEGETARIANS
  • BREASTFEEDING friendly

How to use it?

Mix 7.5g (1.5 tsp) per day into a glass of water or juice. Take once daily.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients

TUMMY nutritional info


Nutritionist Reviews

Elisha Danine

“This supplement is a great product with quality forms of Omega 3, fibre, pre and probiotics and calming herbs.

One of the ingredients I particularly like is Inulin. This powerful pre-biotic that is plant-based and perfect for vegetarians. The ingredient supports bone health, immune function and gut balance. It is also a soluble dietary fibre which means it dissolves in water. Then, it forms a gelatinous substance that slows digestion and increases fullness. Feeling full may also help to reduce snacking.

There are organic herbs in this formulation such as ginger, fennel and peppermint are anti-inflammatory. These herbs can assist with reducing digestive issues like bloating heartburn, flatulence, and stomach cramps.

Cheree Sheldon 

 “Tummy powder is a fabulous blend of herbs and nutrients that will help calm and nourish inflamed tummies. The ingredients in this product are a great balance of prebiotic super foods and probiotics. Your healthy gut bacteria will love this product!

I would recommend Tummy to anyone with digestion issues such as bloating, discomfort, reflux, heartburn, or IBS. The ingredients in it will also benefit people trying to boost their immunity. Having a healthy and happy tummy supports our immune system too.”

Additional Information

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