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About this product


Introducing the new way to smoothie! We’ve created a targeted supplement containing essential nutrients contributing to healthy immune system function and to supercharge your smoothie nutrition!

Flavourless and colourless, just one convenient sachet added to any smoothie, water, or even sprinkled on food daily, will contribute to normal immune system function.

Formulated with NATURAL and PLANT-BASED ingredients including Acerola Berry for Vitamin C, Mushroom for Vitamin D and Guava Leaf for Zinc.

Our new super convenient Immune Smoothie Boosters contribute to normal immune system functions. Daily defence or when you need immune support the most? Just rip and sip for a flavourless addition to a hydrating glass of water or a delicious healthy smoothie!

Reasons to love the Immune Smoothie Booster?

  • 20 individual 5g sachets to add to your daily smoothie, yoghurt, water or juice
  • Flavourless
  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D from Mushroom extract contributing to normal immune system function
  • Contains Echinacea
  • Zinc necessary for normal immune system function
  • Contains natural, sweet-tasting protein Thaumatin
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Real Mum’s Review

Chelsea Dixon, 35, Mum of 4, QLD: “I absolutely love the smoothie boosters they are flavourless, which is a huge bonus you can add them to your smoothie or just plain water.. They are a daily defence or when you need immune support which now is the perfect time…Good source of Vitamin C no artificial colours”

Meagan & Shaun, 28 and 29, parents of 5, WA: “Perfect boost for when you have unwell kids wanting to cuddle up to you along with the delightful snuffly noses! It’s quick and easy to use, simply add it to your water or smoothie! Which is handy when you’re focusing your time on unwell children.”

Krystal Poles, 37, mamma to 4, NSW: “This immune system smoothie booster is exactly what I needed. I take vitamin C tablets every morning, which I chew for a few minutes, plus the tablets don’t taste so good. But with the immune system booster, it’s flavourless YAY, I just add it to my favourite healthy mummy smoothies. It’s packed with amazing vitamins C and D plus zinc, Guava leaf and superfood echinacea. As mothers, getting sick is not an option. We got little humans depending on us every day. This is just amazing, thanks Healthy Mummy. You have out did yourself once again!”

Lauren Kolstad, 38, mum of 2, NSW: “I love that I can get an immune supplement to get me ready for winter without it being citrus! It mixes so well in my salted caramel HM smoothie! Can’t even tell it’s in there, but my body is getting all of the goodness – Zinc, echinacea and vitamin C and D.”

Laura Kukulovski, 31, mum of 3, NSW: “Can you believe it ! As if the healthy mummy couldn’t get any better they now have an IMMUNE smoothie booster! With winter around the corner this is going to be perfect to help keep all those yucky bugs away .
If you’re not a fan of citrus then this is the one for you. It’s completely flavourless and can be added to a glass of water or your daily smoothie.”

Nutritional Information and Ingredients

How does it taste?

Well…like not much actually. We have designed this smoothie booster to be flavourless so you can add it to whatever flavour smoothie you like, a glass of water or even a yoghurt snack.

Serving suggestions

Mix one sachet (5g) into 250mL of water, your smoothie or sprinkle on to yoghurt.

100g | 20 serves 


Q: How much Vitamin C is in the Immune Smoothie Booster?
A: Each serving contains 40mg of Vitamin C from the Acerola Berry; the equivalent of 100% of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin C.

Q: Can I use Immune Smoothie Booster with other Healthy Mummy products?
A: Yes, you can use the Immune smoothie booster with any of our smoothies. You can also add the Immune powder to your daily super greens.

Q: Where are the vitamins and minerals in Immune Smoothie Booster sourced from?
A: The Immune Smoothie booster is formulated with Vitamin C from the Acerola Berry, Vitamin D from mushroom origins and Zinc from Guava Leaf.

Q: Can my child have it?
A: Yes, the product can be consumed by children. We recommend no more than one serve daily and we don’t recommend long term and ongoing use. The product has been formulated for adults, and it has not been formulated for children. We recommend children eat a wide range of fruit, vegetables, proteins and grains as part of a balanced diet. 

Q: Is Immune Smoothie Booster suitable for a man/husband to have it?
A: Absolutely. Immune Smoothie Booster is suitable for men and women.

Q: What allergens are in the Immune Smoothie Booster?
A: It contains soy. It may contain traces of gluten.

Q: Can I have Immune Smoothie Booster in pregnancy?
A: We don’t recommend the Immune Smoothie Booster for consumption by pregnant women, due to the presence of guava leaf zinc and echinacea. 

Q: Is it vegan and vegetarian friendly?
A: Yes, the Immune Smoothie Booster is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Q: Can I have more than 1 Immune Smoothie Booster a day?
A: A maximum of 2 Immune smoothie boosters can be consumed in one day. However there is no need to have more than one Immune smoothie booster per day as the booster contains 100% of your RDI for vitamin C.

Q: Is it suitable for breastfeeding women?
A: We don’t recommend using the Immune Booster when breastfeeding, due to the presence of guava leaf zinc and echinacea.