About this product

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is used and loved by 10,000’s of mums all over Australia and worldwide.

The Challenge is the best value meal planner and exercise trainer with over 4,500 recipes and 350 exercises.

We have has LOTS of NEW developments on the Challenge and LOTS more still to come – take a look at them below

Summary of CURRENT updates

  • The leftovers and custom meal features are now integrated into the meal planner so you can add in your own choice to the meal plan
  • There is full access to the recipe hub from the App
  • The App is fully editable and customisable
  • There is a handy button to access the customiser from every recipe
  • The exercise sections have a built in 5-second warning to let you know when you are nearly done
  • You can save your exercise reps for each exercise


  • The ability to have default serve setting set for all your meals so you don’t need to change every recipe (HOW COOL!!!!!)
  • The ability to choose a budget or time-saving version of the set week’s meal plan ALREADY CUSTOMISED FOR YOU to save you time (HOORAY I HEAR YOU CALL)
  • Long play videos in each week of exercises to play and follow for exercises like you would a DVD
  • The ability to vote on other members meal plans and follow members who’re meal plans you love
  • Ability to add in and calculate all calories over the day in a notes section to track if you are under or over
  • Integration into Fit Bit and other devices
  • Integration into online shopping

AND LOTS MORE THE FAB developers are still working on!!