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PRE-ORDER: 2023 Diary and Wellness Journal



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PRE-ORDER: 2023 Diary and Wellness Journal


More than just a diary. 3-in-1 Organisational and Wellness Planner, made for mums, by mums.

In stock


*This product will ship mid-October*

A diary just for mums, made by mums! 

The Healthy Mummy 2023 Diary is more than just a diary: it’s a 3-in-1 Organisational and Wellness Planner!

Combining Wellness Journaling, Organisational Planning and Inspiration for self-care, cooking and fitness, our 2023 planner has everything you need to #smashyourgoals in 2023

Reasons to LOVE our 2023 Diary

The Healthy Mummy diary is designed with busy mums in mind. Combining organisational tools with wellness features, we’ve created a journaling tool that works!

With features such as:

  • Goal setting and tracking pages,
  • Weekly and monthly spreads,
  • Budget and time friendly seasonal recipes,
  • Self care tips,
  • Motivational Spreads,
  • Inspirational transformations and quotes,
  • Helplines for parenting / mental health,
  • Australian school holiday dates.
THM Diary 2023-Writing

Goal Planning; Set and Track Your Goals

Stay accountable and achieve your goals this year! The 2023 Diary features goal setting and tracking pages so that you can achieve goals in all areas of your life; including nutrition, sleep, exercise, personal, hobbies, budget, family and holiday. 

THM Diary 2023-Flat Lay

Self-Care Tips

The diary provides tips and tricks to keep you feeling your best in 2023. It includes ideas on how to eat healthier, how to embrace self-love, stay motivated and so much more! Plus, develop healthy sleeping patterns and learn how to manage stress.

Monthly and Weekly Spreads

Organise and plan your week, month and year with our helpful spreads. Each week we encourage you to record your weekly highlights and what you want to do differently the following week. It’s a great way to reflect on and improve yourself in 2023! 

THM Diary-2023-Recipe-Stand-2

Delicious and Healthy Recipes 

Budget-friendly and seasonal recipes; each month the diary features a different delicious and healthy recipe. 

THM Diary 2023-Written

Inspiration and Motivation 

The diary includes inspirational quotes and transformations to keep you inspired! The diary includes a Motivation Board and transformation stories to keep you motivated throughout the year.

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