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About this product

The Meal Prep and Replacement Pack contains: 

  • x10 Smoothies
  • x1 Immunity Boosting ebook
  • x1 Soups and Pies eBook
  • x1 Bulk cooking and Freezer Friendly Recipes eBook
  • x1 Complete Meal Prep Guide eBook

x10 Smoothies – choose your flavours

Our meal-replacement Vanilla Smoothie has been formulated by leading nutritionists. The smoothie is the perfect solution for a busy mum’s life when trying to lose weight.

How can the Healthy Mummy Vanilla Smoothie help you?

  • Healthy Mummy Smoothies are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients & important antioxidants
  • Can assist with weight management when used as part of a diet and exercise plan
  • Provide the best possible nutrition for energy
  • Breastfeeding-friendly and designed to help to support milk supply
  • Approx. 96% sugar free
  • Low GI and a source of fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer and aids digestion
  • Quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious
  • Source of protein
  • Lower in sugar than other products on the market – see a comparison table
  • Free from caffeine and dairy
  • Non-Genetically Modified product

Want more information?

x4 eBooks

  • X1 Immunity Boosting ebook
  • X1 Soups and Pies eBook
  • X1 Bulk cooking and Freezer Friendly Recipes eBook
  • X1 Complete Meal Prep Guide eBook