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About this product

This pack includes:

  • 1 x Kids Smoothie
  • 1 x Kids Super Foods
  • 1 x Choc-Caramel Protein Balls
  • 1 x eBook Healthy Kids Cookbook

The Healthy Kids Smoothie – choose Strawberry or Vanilla

The Healthy Kids smoothies have been specially made as a healthy snack for kids and are ideal if you have fussy eaters or want to ensure your children have a DELICIOUS, nutritious and HEALTHY smoothie snack. It also has a 4.5 Health Star Rating when made with skim milk.

The Healthy Mummy Kids Smoothies are rich in carbohydrates and protein and is a natural ENERGY PACKED smoothie made for kids.

What do you need to know about The Healthy Kids Smoothie

  • It contains probiotics which contribute to a healthy gut
  • It contains 16 Vitamins and minerals when combined with milk, and provides children with 50% of their Calcium RDI. 
  • It contains NO artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG in the product
  • A good source of protein 
  • It contains NO added sugar
  • Free from fructose


Mix 10g with 250ml of milk. 

Tip – make into a thick smoothie by adding 1/2 a banana or fruit/vegetable of choice and blend until smooth

Nutritionist Reviews

Cheree Sheldon, Nutritionist

“As a mum who is also a nutritionist-naturopath, it’s a major concern of mine if my daughter is meeting her dietary needs, as I know how important it is for their health and development. Kids are notoriously fussy, they all go through phases of food refusal and my kid is no different. 

When this happened to us, I wanted something that would be simple, healthy, and wasn’t a drama when offered. The Kids Smoothie range is a great solution to this! My daughter loves smoothies, and it’s so easy to hide extra fruits and veggies in a product that already tastes great. The flavour range is great, I can be flexible and make up all sorts of different snacks with it, not just smoothies! Banana and date bliss balls are a fave! It’s such a relief to have a product on hand that provides vitamins, and minerals to help meet her daily needs, with no added sugar.”



Kids Strawberry Smoothie – Nutritional Information

Kids Strawberry Smoothie Nutritional Information

Kids Vanilla Smoothie – Nutritional Information 

Healthy Kids Vanilla Smoothie Nutritional Information

Please note that we do not recommend this product for children under 2 years of age and it is not intended as a toddler formula replacement.

The product contains dairy (the base of the smoothie) and a small amount of soy (within d-alpha-tocopheryl).

The product does not contain any ingredients derived from gluten, fish, eggs, nuts or sulphites. However, the factory in which the product is made does store and manufacture these products but they are not produced on the same line.


Are the kids smoothies gluten-free?

The kids smoothies do not contain any ingredients with gluten, however, they may have come into contact with gluten during processing. The products have not undergone testing to show they are gluten-free.

Do the kids smoothies contain any nuts?

The kids smoothies do not contain nuts.

Are the kids smoothies suitable for vegetarians / vegans? 

The kids smoothies are suitable for vegetarians but they are not suitable for vegans as they contain dairy. 

For more FAQ’s on the Kids Smoothies please click here


Kids Super Foods

NEW Superfoods Nutrition Boost

The NEW Superfoods Nutrition Boost is a delicious whole food based multi-vitamin for your kids. Just sprinkle the powder onto any food and voila, you have an instant nutrition boost.

The Superfoods Nutrition Boost is an excellent way to ensure that fussy eaters get the vitamins and minerals that they seemingly try so hard to avoid!  The powder has a discreet look and taste so fussy eaters won’t even notice that the nutrient rich powder has been added to their food.

A Whole lot of Nutrition for Kids in just a Sprinkle

  • 13 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Iodine
  • Discreet – Fussy eaters won’t notice the nutrient packed powder has been added to their food
  • All natural ingredients, contains real fruits and vegetables
  • Super easy to add to just about any food, especially breakfast!
  • Daily support for growing and developing bones, muscles, brains and immune systems^
  • Contains probiotics
  • Delicious Berry Flavour – excellent for adding to breakfast
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Plant-based nutrition – vegans and vegetarian friendly
  • GMO and MSG free

Serving Suggestion

  • Children aged 1-12: 5g (one teaspoon) daily mixed with water or milk. Alternatively you can sprinkle over cereal, yoghurt or meals.
  • We advise against cooking with Superfoods for Kids as heat can destroy some of the nutrients. If you want to add it to hot food it’s best to add after cooking!
  • 22 serves per 110g tub

How is the Superfoods Nutrition Boost Different to the Healthy Kids Smoothies?

The Superfoods Nutrition Boost is an all round food based multivitamin and is a great way to ensure your kids are getting the nutrients they need. The powder is discreet and you can add it to any food or drink for an instant nutrition boost! On the other hand, the Healthy Kids Smoothie is a healthy version of a milkshake with added key vitamins, you add it to milk or a smoothie. The Superfoods Nutrition Boost is also whole food based, provides REAL fruit and vegetable content and it is vegan friendly. The Healthy Kids Smoothies contains dairy
Your children can have one Healthy Kids Smoothie per day AND one Superfoods Nutrition Boost serving per day.

Nutritionist Review

Cheree Sheldon

Superfoods Nutrition Boost is a godsend for Mums like me! Mums who want their children to have the most nutrient dense diets they can possibly have. Mums who have typical children, the ones who will sometimes eat everything you cook, and sometimes refuse it all! 

It’s a yummy tasting multivitamin alternative, that is made from fruit and veg powders and no nasties! The other win for this product is that is has no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

My girls LOVE this product and I mix it into all sorts of foods, like smoothies, milkshakes, bliss balls and coconut yoghurt for a healthy sweet treat.  I love knowing that they are getting more nutrition whilst enjoying a balanced diet!

Ingredients and Nutritional Information 

Superfood for Kids - Nutritional Information Superfood for Kids - Nutritional Information

Top Tips for Healthy Kids 

Additional Information

  • For FAQ’s on the Superfoods Nutrition Boost click here
  • We also have Healthy Kids Smoothies available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.
  • ^Calcium is for growing and developing bones, calcium is also for muscles. Iron is for brains.  Vitamin C is for immune systems.
  • * DAIRY – The Superfoods Nutrition Boost does not contain added lactose or dairy products. However, milk and milk products are handled in the same facility. 
  • * GLUTEN – Although products containing gluten are not added to The Superfoods Nutrition Boost, it is produced in a facility that also handles gluten containing grains, therefore this product is not considered ‘gluten free’

Choc-Caramel Protein Ball Mix

The Healthy Mummy Choc-Caramel Protein Ball Mix is super easy to make and the balls taste delicious! 

Our Choc-Caramel Protein Ball Mix is an all-natural and delicious ball with whole food ingredients for a morning buzz, a late afternoon fix or a healthy snack.

Specifically designed for busy mums, The Healthy Mummy’s protein balls are easy-to-make with no baking required. With 3g of protein per ball, wholegrain ingredients, whey protein, coconut flour and cacao nibs, they’re a delicious treat that’ll help you through the day, the healthy way.

All-natural. Nutritious. Delicious. Fun. Honest.

What makes them so great?

  • Specifically formulated for Busy Mums
  • Safe for use whilst Breastfeeding
  • Free from artificial flavours or colours
  • Delicious Choc-caramel flavour
  • Whole food ingredients
  • 3g of protein per ball*
  • Makes 15 balls*
  • Compact and easy to carry, for mums on the run
  • Enjoy as a morning boost, a late afternoon fix or a healthy snack
  • No blender required
    No baking required – these balls are ready in 7 easy steps!

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information for Choc Caramel Protein Ball Mix

How to make

You will need:

  • Choc Caramel Protein Ball Mix
  • 3 tbsp Rice Malt Syrup
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 2/3 cup boiling water


  • Step 1: Pour mixture into a large bowl
  • Step 2: Heat rice malt syrup and coconut oil in microwave until bubbling.
  • Step 3: Add rice malt syrup and coconut oil to the mixture and stir through evenly
  • Step 4: Add 1 cup of boiling water to the mixture and stir well
  • Step 5: All mix to stand and cool for 15 minutes
  • Step 6: Roll 1 tablespoon of mixture into a ball and roll in desiccated coconut until well covered.
  • Step 7: Place balls in an airtight container and refrigerate until ready to eat

Prep time: 20 minutes. No baking required.

Nutritionist Reviews

Elisha Danine

“No bake mixes are extremely easy to use and so handy for any mum or mum to be!

I love the simplistic list of ingredients and the fact that there is no added sugar. It makes it easier to control what you eat and what your kids are eating.

The flavours work really well together and it helps to prevent naughty snacking. It’s a great product that I would recommend to anyone wanting to eat healthy.” 

Additional Information

  • The certified organic oats are not gluten free.
  • For FAQ’s on the Choc Caramel Protein Ball Mix please click here 

Healthy Kids Cookbook eBook

As parents, it’s our responsibility to initiate the relationship our children have with food and nutrition. We are their primary example and in the early years, we are in sole charge of the food on their plate.

The environment in which parents are raising their children is one with conflicting messages, with the marketing claims of packaged food products screaming at parents as they browse the aisles of the supermarket. Combined with hectic work schedules, feeding your child can be daunting and stressful.

The idea behind the Healthy Kids Cookbook is to provide parents with simple recipes which are delicious and nutritious for kids and parents alike. All the recipes have been designed and cooked by a nutritionist, and eaten by real kids.

This recipe ebook is not about impressive kitchen gymnastics and you don’t need to be a professional chef. All the ingredients used are available at a standard supermarket and the recipes use regular kitchen appliances. The idea is that anyone can cook these nutritious meals for their family.

There are recipes for babies, breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, and even treats for kids parties. All the recipes have been designed to be cooked
in around 30 minutes (although a few take a bit longer with freezing or cooling times).

We have also included some information about how many serves of each food group your child should be eating, how to develop healthy eating habits, and how to deal with fussy eaters.

Good luck and get cooking!

The Healthy Kids eBook Includes:

    • Foods for baby
    • Breakfast ideas
    • Lunch-box food
    • Delicious dinners
    • Party time food
    • Tips for fussy eaters
    • Created by leading nutritionist
    • Includes 56 recipes
    • PDF & Printable format
    • Save onto your mobile or on your computer
    • Your eBook is instantly downloadable

Buy your copy today, or you can access ALL 40 of our Healthy Mummy books from just $10/month with our eBook membership – get more details here!