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About this product

The Inner Beauty Pack includes: 

  • 1 x Apple Pie Snack Bars
  • 1 x Immune
  • 1 x Energy Boosting Super Greens
  • 1 x Glow Flash Balm
  • 1 x Beauty Collagen Powder
  • 1 x Pink Epsom Salts

Apple Pie Snack Bars in detail

The Healthy Mummy Apple Pie Snack Bar is a delicious and nutritious snack bar that contains protein and fibre.

The Apple Pie Snack Bar is made with specially selected whole foods and is a breastfeeding friendly product. It is designed as a convenient and healthy snack that you can have whilst on the go.

Reasons to LOVE the Apple Pie Snack Bars

  • A good source of natural protein – 4.9g
  • A good source of fibre – 7.3g
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Only 201 calories per 45g bar
  • GMO free
  • Breastfeeding Friendly

The Snack Bars come in a box of 10 snack bars (45g each) and are great protein snack for when you are on the run!

Nutritional Information

Apple Pie Snack Bars

Apple Pie Snack Bars

Additional Information

Immune in detail

Specifically designed for busy mums, The Healthy Mummy IMMUNE  is here to help boost your immune system naturally.

A supercharged blend of real food and organic sources packed with vitamins and zinc to assist immune function and help keep you healthy

IMMUNE is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Zinc which support and nourish the immune system naturally. With a delicious berry flavour.



Why is our IMMUNE supplement different?

  • It has been specifically formulated for BUSY MUMS
  • It nourishes your immune system NATURALLY (includes organic ingredients)
  • It is safe for use whilst BREASTFEEDING
  • A VEGAN-friendly product. Free from dairy and preservatives
  • Contains PROBIOTICS  – With good gut function you can absorb your nutrients better, so you are better primed to fight off winter colds and other nasties.
  • Contains no gluten ingredients
  • Helps to BOOST your Immune System
  • Tastes GREAT with a berry flavour

Benefits of IMMUNE

  • Packed with immune-supporting superfoods to support and nourish your immune system
  • A great source of Vitamin C and Zinc
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Good source of Vitamin A, D, Calcium and Magnesium

How to use it?

Mix 10g per day in a glass of water or juice or add as a booster in your Healthy Mummy Smoothie. Take once daily.

Nutritional Info & Ingredients

IMMUNE Nutritional Info and ingredients


Is IMMUNE gluten free? 

IMMUNE does not contain any ingredients that commonly contain gluten. However, it hasn’t gone through gluten testing to be certified gluten-free.

Can I take IMMUNE whilst pregnant? 

Ashwagandha is an ingredient in IMMUNE and is not recommended during pregnancy. It has traditionally been recommended in Asian medicine, however, it is best to avoid during pregnancy. It is fine during breastfeeding.

What is the difference between Super Greens and IMMUNE?

Super Greens is a wellbeing product designed to boost your energy levels.  The IMMUNE product is targeted at support a healthy immune system.

Is IMMUNE safe to take when Breastfeeding?

Yes IMMUNE is perfectly safe to take whilst breastfeeding and will help to support your immune system during this important time.

To read more FAQ’s about IMMUNE, please click here 

Nutritionist Reviews

Elisha Danine 

“IMMUNE is a great blend of synergistic herbs, fruits and vegetables that work well together to create a dynamic health boost.

The Healthy Mummy has done a great job in creating this combination of immune enhancing ingredients that will help to prevent sickness and build the immune system.

I also love the addition of Vitamins C & D, plus zinc and probiotics. I believe a great all around supplement for the whole family.”

Elisha Danine

(B. Hlth Sci Comp. Med.)

Cheree Sheldon

“WOW! The Healthy Mummy products are on fire! The new Immune Powder is no exception, it is divine. This is going to save opening a thousand little packets of superfoods to add into tonics and smoothies, as it is all there in the one blend. I think the thing I like the most about the Immune powder is that it is from real food and herbs, and not a synthetic product. Foods like acerola, Camu Camu and rose hips are just so amazing for immunity due to their vitamin C and antioxidant properties but are products that just aren’t easily available in everyday life. Harnessing the goodness of these foods means that our immune system benefits without having to trek into a jungle to harvest berries or pick mushrooms! And… Medicinal mushrooms have so much research behind them for health benefits, especially for immunity! Often people are hesitant to try medicinal mushrooms due to their taste, but this tastes great. It is full of delicious fruit powders like elder, mango and hibiscus, that not only add amazing flavour but help protect our health. Not to mention the herbs like echinacea and ashwagandha that are in it! Am I raving?! It’s a wonderful immune blend. Love it.”

Cheree Sheldon

(Advanced diplomas of western herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and naturopathy)

Energy Boosting Super Greens in detail

Specifically designed for busy mums, the Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting SUPER GREENS supplement is here to help boost your energy and support your immune system.

The power-packed powder contains over 37 whole food ingredients in an easily digestible & nutritional formula. Super Greens combines real food sources to deliver a powerful blend of nutrients to give tired mums the energy they need.

Healthy Mummy Energy Boosting Super Greens contains:

  • More IRON than 12 cups of Spinach!
  • The Vitamin C equivalent of 1.4 kilograms of Oranges!
  • 56 x more Vitamin B12 than a beef steak!
  • The calcium equivalent to one litre of milk.
  • AND it TASTES delicious!!

How to use the Super Greens?

Add 10g to a glass of water daily or add it to your daily Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Super Greens - Nutritional Information   Super Greens - ingredients

Additional Information

  • For FAQ’s on Super Greens, please click here

Glow Flash Balm in detail


Glow Flash Balm brightens and tightens facial contours for glowing skin. The balm reduces the appearance of ageing by replenishing and rejuvenating. Rosehip and Jojoba oil hydrate and soothe for silky smooth skin


  • Boosts radiance: Brightens and tightens facial contours for glowing skin 
  • Reduces signs of ageing: Reduces the appearance of fine lines, age spots and sagging skin
  • Hydrates and softens skin: Moisturises and softens leaving skin looking and feeling silky smooth 
  • Light Shimmer to give you an instant glow
  • Smells amazing: Orange and Vanilla 
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly 

Glow Flash Balm

   HOW TO USE   

To use as a moisturiser, apply a thin layer of Glow Flash Balm to your face and neck. You can apply makeup directly on top, or let your natural beauty shine.

TOP TIP: If you prefer less sheen, you can mix Glow Flash Balm with your normal moisturiser. 

RHIAN’S TIP: I LOVE to use this on top of my moisturiser (I like a dewy look) and under my make up.  It gives me an amazing sheen and EVERYONE asks me what I am using on my skin. 


Rosehip Oil heals, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. It also deeply moisturises and promotes skin elasticity and firmness. 

Jojoba Oil enhances the skins natural suppleness and elasticity. It protects skin from dehydration and is suitable for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid helps mature and dry skin by restoring smoothness and elasticity. 

Apricot Oil moisturises and nourishes mature, dry or sensitive skin. 

Gransil ORB-II softens skin and gives a silky after feel 

Vitamin E protect the skin from environmental damage such as UV ray, pollutants and ageing. Vitamin E deeply moisturises the skin and reduces wrinkles.  


Glow Flash Balm Ingredients


  • For FAQ’s on Glow Flash Balm, please click here
  • Size: 50ML

Beauty Collagen Powder in detail

Check out our Glowing Skin Breakfast Bowl


Beauty Collagen Powder is a delicious addition to your daily beauty routine – it works to support beauty from the inside out! The powder contains zinc and vitamin C which assists with the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails. Beauty Collagen Powder also contains sustainably sourced marine collagen, protein and zinc. 


  • Healthy skin, hair & nails*
  • Protection from free radical damage*
  • Supports bones and cartilage*
  • Assists with tissue building and repair*
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Contains 7g of sustainably sourced marine collagen
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Delicious natural berry flavour
  • Breastfeeding friendly


Mix 10g (2 teaspoons) in water or juice once daily. Alternatively, blend into a Healthy Mummy Smoothie.

200g | 20 serves per tub


Cheree Sheldon

Collagen is an essential structure of our connective tissues. We make collagen ourselves, but as we age we need a bit of a boost! Most of us don’t eat a nose to tail diet the way our ancestors did, so we are missing out on some awesome dietary collagen.

Beauty Collagen is a delicious berry flavoured powder that can be used in cold drinks and used in recipes like chia pudding or bliss balls. Think beauty from the inside out! The Beauty Collagen Powder can support our skin integrity, balance our complexions and strengthen our hair and nails. It’s multiple uses make it a fantastic supplement to our day.





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Please note*

Zinc and Vitamin C contribute to the maintenance of Healthy skin, hair & nails*

Vitamin C protects from free radical damage which can cause ageing*

Vitamin C supports bones and cartilage*

Protein assists with tissue building and repair*

Pink Epsom Salts in detail


The Limited Edition Pink Epsom Salts are the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your mind and your body. A bath filled with these amazing salts is like having a spa day on a budget! Perfect for easing tired muscles, loosening stiff joints and softening your skin. And the salts are 100% natural, nothing artificial, no additives and no parabens! 


  • Relax and rejuvenate the body and mind in a warm bath 
  • Ease tight muscles and loosens stiff joints 
  • 100% Natural, contains nothing artificial and no additives 
  • Hydrates and softens skin  
  • Makes your bath a pretty pink colour

Pink Epsom Salts

   HOW TO USE   

Add half a cup of Epsom Salts to a hot bath. Soak in the bath for as long as desired, over 15 minutes is preferable for maximum benefits.


Ingredients: Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)


  • For FAQ’s on the Pink Epsom Bath Salts, click here
  • 300g | 3 serves 


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