About this product

This pack contains:

  • 3x Healthy Mummy Smoothie
  • 1x Healthy Mummy Smoothie Shaker

Healthy Mummy Shake in detail

Meal replacement weight loss Shake for mums

Our meal-replacement weight loss shake have been formulated by leading nutritionists to be the perfect companion to a busy mum’s life when trying to lose weight. They’re breastfeeding-friendly.

20 serves per 500g tub.

Available in a variety of flavours including…  Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel, and Choc Fudge, Sneakylicous, Cookies & Cream, Honeycomb, Banana and
45+ Vanilla!

We also have a SPregnancy Shake.

How can Healthy Mummy Shake benefit you?

  • The shake are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and important antioxidants
  • Do not contain weight loss accelerants, caffeine or dairy
  • Non-Genetically Modified product
  • Can assist with weight management when used as part of a diet & exercise plan
  • Provide the best possible nutrition for energy
  • Breastfeeding-safe and designed to help to support milk supply
  • Approx. 96% sugar free
  • Low GI and high in fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer and aids digestion
  • High in protein and lower in sugar than any other product on the market – see a comparison table.
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Taste delicious

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Healthy Mummy Shaker in detail

Check out the colours in the Healthy Mummy Shaker range.

Aqua Shaker


Choose your colour & quantity. Hot Pink & Aqua available

Our Healthy Mummy Shakers contain a clever shaker ball that helps dissolve the Healthy Mummy Shake Mix, leaving your shake the perfect texture!

They’re great for an arm workout too!

Our Shakers can hold 700ml, are BPA FREE and have a cool grip panel so won’t slip out of your hands.

Please note – Logo may fade in the dishwasher.