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Pink Resistance Bands


Ankle Weights



Pink Resistance Bands

Strengthen and tone your body with our Healthy Mummy Resistance Bands.

Our 5 pack of resistance bands in various resistance levels are portable, easy to use and excellent for working out and stretching anytime and anywhere.

Width 2” (51cm)

Length: 10” (254mm)

Resistance Levels

pink resistance bands

What is included:

Travel pouch – Making them super easy to keep together and take anywhere
5 resistance bands, each with different levels of resistance. 

Please Note

The X-Light and Lights bands are quite thin for their level of resistance, they shouldn’t be stretched more than 2 times their length, as this could cause the bands to snap.
Bands shouldn’t be looped around any sharp surfaces.


Ankle Weights

The Healthy Mummy ankle weights are 1kg each and perfect for increasing the resistance of any workout. The increase in resistance results in an increase in calories burnt! Double your workout results with these AMAZING ankle weights. It takes less time to achieve the same results.

Key Benefits of Ankle Weights

  1. Burn more calories due to the increased resistance from the weight
  2. Faster fitness results
  3. Tone and shape the body quicker
  4. Focus on common problem areas such as the core, butt and thigh muscles

x3 Workouts you can do with Ankle Weights

Standing Leg Raises

  • Standing up straight
  • Steadily raise your left leg as much as you can
  • Slowly lower you leg
  • Do this for 45 seconds and then switch sides

Bicycle Crunches

  • Lie on your back with your lower back flat on the ground
  • Put you hands behind you head. Bring one knee towards your head and extend the other straight and away from you
  • Alternate sides and continue for 90 seconds

Four Point Kneeling

  • Start on all fours in tablet pose
  • Straight your right leg behind you and your left arm in front of you. Both limbs should be in straight line. Remember: Opposite arm to opposite leg.
  • Lower your arm and leg to starting position
  • Do this for 45 seconds and then switch sides