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Our new Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie is sure to be a new favourite flavour in our popular and sell-out Premium Smoothie range!


With our delicious and creamy Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie, you can boost your weight loss and health. We’ve worked hard with food technologists and nutritionists to ensure the formulation supports your health and weight loss.

What is the Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie?

If you’re keen to give our delicious Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie a try, you should know a few things about it.

  • It’s packed with nutrition, a whey-based smoothie and a great meal replacement.
  • It includes The Healthy Mummy Premium Protein blend formulated with 80% whey protein.
  • Its formula ensures it’s exceptionally smooth and creamy.
  • It’s made up of probiotics to help keep a healthy gut and 23 essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Delicious and loved Choc-Mint flavour.
  • Prepare simply and fast by just putting the mix and milk or water into a shaker, shake and off you go. You pop it in a blender with vegetables and fruits to increase nutrition.
  • Doesn’t have any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

How can the Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie aid your weight loss?

Looking to lose weight and wonder how the Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie may be able to support your goals? Well, here is just a few ways:

  • With 109 caloriesˆ, it won’t hurt your daily intake.
  • It’ll give you that full feeling for longer due to high fibre, which will also help your digestion.
  • Won’t break your carb allocation with only 3.9g per serve.
  • The protein and fibre content is high, making you feel full longer, minimising unwanted snacking.
  • Prime nutrition gives you that energy kick you want to get going.
  • Gives you the essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins you need.

What else makes the Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie great?

Beyond the weight loss support, there are many other benefits to our Premium Choc-MinT Smoothie. Our Premium Smoothie Range has…ˆ

  • Get additional vitamin A by eating some Salmon.
  • Get additional iron than eating some steak.
  • Get additional potassium than eating 2.5 bananas.
  • Get additional zinc than eating 5 eggs.
  • Get additional calcium than drinking a glass of milk.
  • Get additional folate than eating some spinach.
  • Get additional vitamin B12 than eating a chicken breast.

What about the taste of our Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie?

WOW! There is no doubt you’ll love our Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie just like you love our other Premium Smoothie flavours. It has the same robust flavour, deliciously smooth and super creamy texture. Not convinced; see what some of the mums have to say…

Melissa Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie

Mel: “The new Choc Mint premium smoothie would be perfect for a dessert. It reminds me of when you’re out for dinner, and the restaurant will hand you those chocolate mints, super refreshing but not overly minty, while still getting a chocolate hit. I love the variety and the options we now have it makes this journey just so much more enjoyable.”

Cat: “Chocolate and mint are such a classic combo. The NEW Premium Healthy Mummy smoothie mix takes it to another level. I couldn’t smell much of the mint when I opened the tub, but don’t let that fool you. Once added to your liquid of choice and shaken, she packs a fresh minty punch. I think this one might be my new sweet afternoon tea fix with just milk and ice in a shaker, perfect for busy afternoons of school pick up and sports.”

Carol: “This flavour would probably be my favourite at the moment as I am a sucker for choc mint. Add some banana to the mix, and it tastes amazing.”

Emma: “Again, the smoothie’s flavour is amazing and smooth. You get your money’s worth, and I would definitely get this one again.”

Hannah_Pech_Premium choc-mint smoothie

Hannah: “Choc and mint a match made in Healthy Mummy Heaven! Not usually a chocolate smoothie person. I was initially hesitant with this combo. But after my first smoothie, I’m hooked! The combination of chocolate and mint is so refreshing, and a kick start my 3 pm afternoon slump needs! Rich, creamy and the perfect match of flavours! You’ve done it again, Healthy Mummy!”

Sharika: “This would have to be my favourite smoothie from texture to flavour. Smooth texture and the flavour is amazing.”

Michelle: “What can I say? Simply creamy and delicious, love it and only have to add low-fat milk. It’s great for a quick snack/meal.”

Kristylee: “Amazing! I love the little bonus choc chips.”

Cicily Premium choc-mint smoothie

Cicily: “I love the Choc Mint Premium smoothie! It is the perfect balance of chocolate and mint, giving you that refreshment and flavour without overpowering. It’s so good. I love it with simply almond milk and ice. It’s so deliciously creamy and light. I am loving this new flavour!”
Premium Smoothie Serving suggestions

Place 30g of smoothie powder into a shaker and approx. 250ml of your choice of milk.

450g | 15 serves

Cheree Sheldon, Healthy Mummy’s go-to Nutritionist, gives a review.

Mums will love the increased energy and weight loss support that they’ll get from the Premium Smoothie. They can get the same nutritional boost in their day with one of these as they would taking probiotics, fibre supplements and a multivitamin. The whey protein base creates an enjoyable smooth and creamy texture in the mouth. You’ll no doubt see a distinct change in energy and health.

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Premium Smoothie Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie Ingredients

Premium Choc-Mint Smoothie Nutritional Information

* Our Premium Protein blend is formulated with Whey (80%) and Soy (20%) Protein.

Differences between our Standard Smoothie and Premium Smoothie

We know that our standard Healthy Mummy Smoothie is used and loved by 100,000s mums who’ve seen excellent results, so we won’t be getting rid of it. The meal replacement smoothie uses a plant base with 23 vitamins and minerals. It’s also high in fibre and protein to help support mum’s health and weight loss.

We heard feedback from some mums who aren’t used to a plant-based protein or a meal replacement that’s high in fibre. They were asking for a smoothie that was smoother and creamier in texture. We listened and worked to develop our Premium Smoothie range of meal replacement smoothies.

We used our new Premium Whey-Based Protein blend to formulate our Premium Smoothies range. This new formulation, based on whey protein, helps make the smoothie a smoother and creamier texture. The Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie also offers a more prominent flavour, meaning there is no need to add more ingredients unless you really want to. It’s so simple; just shake it with some milk or water and go. The 23 essential minerals and vitamins, high protein content, high fibre content and addition of probiotics in the Premium Smoothie comes with excellent health benefits.

Differences between our Tummy Smoothie and Premium Smoothie

Our Tummy Meal Replacement Smoothie contains our unique Tummy Complex to help support the digestive tract and gut to heal and build a healthy microbiome. The Tummy Smoothie is mainly formulated with a soy-based protein containing minimal whey protein.

This new formulation of our weight loss meal replacement smoothie offers a more robust flavour and a smoother and creamier texture. Our Premium Smoothie is based on a whey-based protein made from premium ingredients. It contains 23 essential minerals and vitamins your body needs, plus probiotics to help support your gut health.

You could get the extra gut benefits of both smoothies by alternating them depending on what you need.

What about the price of our Premium Smoothie?

Our Premium Smoothies is a premium product which means it’s made of premium ingredients and comes with a premium price of $69.99 RRP. Ensure you regularly check out our website and your email to see if there is a deal or sale available.

We use only the best and highest grade whey protein and probiotics in our Premium Smoothie formula, which costs more. The intense flavour and super creamy taste come from the top quality minerals, vitamins and flavouring we also include in the mix.

At the forefront of our mind is the balance of quality and price for even our premium products. Our goal is to give you the most value for money whilst we can and still maintain the best possible quality standards. A premium product like our Premium Smoothie is made with only premium ingredients. We’re confident you’ll be able to taste the difference and see the difference in your health.

Do we use Grass-Fed Cows for our Whey based Protein in our Premium Smoothie?

Yes, the cows used to make our Premium Protein based on Whey Protein are 100% grass-fed cows. When weather conditions don’t allow the cows to enjoy grazing in the fields, they may receive alternate food, but they are primarily in the field.

ˆworked out based on using reduced-fat milk