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The Healthy Mummy Snack Bar Choc Berry Double Pack
Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars Double Pack



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Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars Double Pack


Skip the guilt and snack with confidence. All of the benefits of our best selling Tummy smoothie, in a low calorie, delicious bar for busy mums on-the-go!

Tummy Snack Bars


Tummy Snack Bars

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This pack contains:

  • 2 x Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars

Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars contain the revolutionary Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex, as featured in our best selling Tummy Smoothie! So you know it’s good for your gut; good for you and good on-the-go. 

Packed with gut-friendly ingredients including probiotics, collagen and essential vitamins and minerals to reduce bloating! Boasting 12.6g of protein and fibre, to keep you feeling fuller for longer. They’re a delicious guilt-free, and nutritious snack to complement exercise and are designed especially for busy mums on-the-go.

What's To Love

  • Contains revolutionary Healthy Mummy Tummy Complex 
  • Whey protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer
  • Probiotics to support gut health 
  • 17 essential vitamins and minerals 
  • Contains collagen
  • Good source of magnesium 
  • Just 136 calories per serve
  • Delicious choc-berry flavour
  • Contains no artificial colours flavours or preservatives

Real Mums Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Tummy Snack Bars suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

The Tummy Snack Bars are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as they contain Bovine Collagen and Milk.

Q: Are Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars suitable for Breastfeeding or pregnant women?

All the ingredients used in the Tummy Snack Bars are commonly consumed general food ingredients suitable during breastfeeding. Snack Bars can be eaten in conjunction with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not recommended to reduce your calorie intake whilst pregnant/breastfeeding.

Q: Are Choc-Berry Tummy Snack Bars suitable for children?

No, snack bars are not suitable for children under 16 years.

Q: Are they suitable for men?

Yes, they are suitable for both adult men and women!

Healthy Tummy Complex [Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) (12.5%), Bovine Collagen, Skim Milk Powder, Vitamins and Minerals (Magnesium Phosphate Tribasic, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol from High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder), Vitamin C, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Niacin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Chromium, Molybdenum, Folic Acid, Iodine, Selenium, Biotin, Vitamin B12), The Healthy Mummy Prebiotic Blend (Sunfiber, Inulin from Chicory Roots), Gut-friendly Mix (Organic Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Seed, Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein, Organic Quinoa Flour, Pineapple Juice Powder, Strawberry Juice Powder, Carrot Juice Powder, Kiwifruit Powder, Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder, Dandelion Powder, Ginger Powder), Natural Flavour (Vanilla), The Healthy Mummy Probiotic Blend 0.24% (Saccharomyces Boulardi, Bacillus Coagulans), Bulking Agent (Cellulose Microcrystalline), Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin), L-Methionine, Bromelain Concentrate, Fungal Protease Concentrate], Natural Prebiotic Fibre (Corn), Rice and Grape Juice Concentrate, Raw Almonds, Cocoa Powder, Desiccated Coconut, Organic Cacao Butter, Dark Chocolate (6.8%), Natural Flavour (Cream), Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Dried Cherries (2.7%), Goji Berries (2.7%), Natural Flavour (Cherry).

Contains: milk, almond, soy. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

See The Nutritional Panel

Choc Berry Tummy Snacl Bar NIP

The Healthy Mummy Tummy Snack Bars provide a supplement to a normal diet to address situations where the intake of energy and or nutrients may not be adequate to meet an individual's requirements.

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