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About this product

KICK CARBS TO THE CURB with a ground-breaking new product, CARB X.

Carb X is designed for people to still be able to enjoy their meals without the carb-consequences!

How it works: Formulated to slow carbs being broken down into sugars. As the body naturally processes carbs it turns it into sugar, this sugar is the body’s natural source of energy for us to burn however if we produce too much of it can be turned into fat for long-term storage so none is wasted. Carb X works to slow that process!

The secret is the revolutionary ingredient is WHITE KIDNEY BEAN EXTRACT, a superfood that slows the number of carbs being broken down into sugars. The ingredients in Carb X work with Kidney bean extract slows normal carbohydrate uptake and Chromium supports carbohydrate metabolism.

This delicious vanilla flavour drink is perfect to take just before any meal, especially meals including complex carbs like pasta, rice or bread. You can even add Carb X to your morning smoothie.

Why You’ll Love Carb X

  • Kick carbs to the curb
  • Slows normal carbohydrate uptake^
  • Supports carbohydrate metabolism*
  • Contains white kidney bean extract, a superfood that slows carbs being broken down into sugars.
  • Contains Zinc, Thiamine and Chromium 
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism – Chromium helps the body metabolise carbohydrates
  • Delicious vanilla flavour
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Reviews! Why Mum’s Are Loving Carb X

“Berry Carb X is absolutely delicious! I love this product what a game-changer. It means I can still enjoy all those yummy carb laden foods just minus the guilt.” – Nikki

“Never mind what it does!! I wanna talk about the taste because WOW!!!! Am I allowed to use swear words coz holy shhhh it taste absolutely amazing!!! All in all a perfect addition to my weight loss routine!!” – Sascha

“I have just started adding the carb x to my daily routine to help kick those carbs to the curb, I am in love with the honeycomb flavour 5 stars from me. I felt content with the carbs I served up and didn’t feel the need to eat more, carb x is a game changer,  I love how it is going to metabolise the complex carbs.” – Chelsea

“Absolutely in love with the new Honeycomb Carb X. The flavour is delicious, it’s so easy to make, and fits perfectly into my day! I use Carb X when I’m having a high carb meal to give my body support in processing those carbs, meaning I still get to enjoy my pizza and pasta!” – Cicily