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2023 Diary and Wellness Journal with Energy Pack



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2023 Diary and Wellness Journal with Energy Pack


2023 Diary and Wellness Journal

More than just a diary. 3-in-1 Organisational and Wellness Planner, made for mums, by mums.

Energy Boosting Super Greens

Energising and immune boosting blend of superfoods and healthy greens, that doesn’t taste like grass. Feel SUPER with Super Greens!

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Smoothie Booster

Protein Powder

Who doesn’t want to optimise their exercise? Feel strong with a good source of protein that supports bone and muscle mass.


This pack includes:

  • 1 x 2023 Diary + Wellness Journal
  • 1 x Energy Boosting Super Greens
  • 1 x Smoothie Booster – your choice of flavour
  • 1 x Protein Powder

2023 Diary +Wellness Journal in Detail

A diary just for mums, made by mums! 

The Healthy Mummy 2023 Diary is more than just a diary – it’s a 3-in-1 Organisational and Wellness Planner!

Combining Wellness Journaling, Organisational Planning and Inspiration for self-care, cooking and fitness, our 2023 planner has everything you need to #smashyourgoals in 2023

Reasons to LOVE our 2023 Diary

The Healthy Mummy diary is designed with busy mums in mind. Combining organisational tools with wellness features, we’ve created a journaling tool that works! With features such as:

  • Goal setting and tracking pages,

  • Weekly and monthly spreads,
  • Budget and time friendly seasonal recipes,

  • Self care tips,

  • Motivational Spreads,

  • Inspirational transformations and quotes,

  • Helplines for parenting / mental health,
  • Australian school holiday dates.

Goal Planning; Set and Track Your Goals

Stay accountable and achieve your goals this year! The 2023 Diary features goal setting and tracking pages so that you can achieve goals in all areas of your life; including nutrition, sleep, exercise, personal, hobbies, budget, family and holiday. 

Self-Care Tips 

The diary provides tips and tricks to keep you feeling your best in 2023. It includes ideas on how to eat healthier, how to embrace self-love, stay motivated and so much more! Plus, develop healthy sleeping patterns and learn how to manage stress.

Monthly and Weekly Spreads 

Organise and plan your week, month and year with our helpful spreads. Each week we encourage you to record your weekly highlights and what you want to do differently the following week. It’s a great way to reflect on and improve yourself in 2023! 

Delicious and Healthy Recipes 

Budget-friendly and seasonal recipes; each month the diary features a different delicious and healthy recipe. 

Inspiration and Motivation 

The diary includes inspirational quotes and transformations to keep you inspired! The diary includes a Motivation Board and transformation stories to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Real Mums are SO EXCITED for the 2023 Diary…

Energy Boosting Super Greens in Detail

Specifically designed for busy mums, the Super Greens supplement is here to help boost your energy and support your immune system. The power-packed powder contains 37+ whole food ingredients which deliver a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-fatty acids to give you the energy you need to get through the day.

“It tastes amazing, like cranberries!”

  • Provides immune support
  • Boosts energy levels
  • 37+ quality superfood ingredients including Spirulina. Flaxseed, Pea Protein, Organic Barley Grass, Chlorella, Chia, Goji Berry, Kale, Spinach, Mushroom Powder and more!
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids!
  • Tastes amazing just mixed with water!
  • Vegan friendly, GMO free and Australian owned

The Healthy Mummy Super Greens contains:

  • More iron than 12 cups of spinach
  • More Vitamin C than 1.4kg of oranges
  • 56 x more Vitamin B12 than a beef steak
  • More calcium than 1L of milk

How to use the Super Greens?

Add 10g to a glass of water daily or add it to your daily Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Real Mums Review Super Greens

“I can’t get through my day without a glass of this. It’s delicious. I have it in the afternoon and it helps get me through that afternoon rush period until dinner time. It’s one I take daily and don’t feel as tired as I used to since taking it.” – Amanda

“I totally recommend Super Green to anyone wanting a natural boost. It has a sweet but subtle taste that will not leave you feeling like you’re drinking a powder. You’ll actually be happy to go back for seconds.” – Vanessa

“I absolutely love the Super Greens as a pre workout boost, it really gives me all of the energy I need to smash out my workouts and take on the day. I find it best shaken with cold water and ice, the fruity taste is quite pleasant but the benefits are amazing” – Melanie

“This would be my all time favourite Healthy Mummy supplement. It tastes amazing and gives me energy to get through the afternoon.  It is also packed full of iron, being pregnant this is so amazing. This is a must have for all pregnant mum’s.” Fiona

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Super Greens - Nutritional Information   Super Greens - ingredients

Additional Information

Smoothie Booster in Detail


Introducing the new way to smoothie! We’ve created targeted supplements containing essential nutrients to supercharge your smoothie nutrition!

NOW AVAILABLE in 3 formulas specifically designed for busy mums on-the-go!

  • Collagen Smoothie Booster
  • Immune Smoothie Booster *NEW*
  • Energise Smoothie Booster *NEW*

NEW Energise Smoothie Booster in detail:

Our Energise Smoothie Boosters invigorating formula combines the power of caffeine from Guarana and green tea along with important vitamins and minerals to help you fight fatigue and boost energy production.

BOOST energy release, IMPROVE cognitive function and REDUCE tiredness and fatigue in one easy step with our Energise Smoothie Boosters!

Energise Booster Serving Suggestions

Mix one sachet (5g) into 250mL of water, your smoothie or sprinkle on to yoghurt.

100g | 20 serves 

Energise Booster Reviews

Kate, 32, mum of 1, VIC: “Every mum needs a little pick me up and I honestly didn’t realise how much I needed this in my life until I tried it. The powder is flavourless so it blends seamlessly into my morning smoothie confidently replacing the can of Red Bull this mum used to run on before Healthy Mummy. With green tea and a load of added vitamins this energy hit is actually good for you!”

Krystal, 37, NSW: “The first time I tried this booster, I got to the gym feeling tired, I added this to my bottle of water and through my session I started to push myself more. Plus I was feeling more alert. I was like WOW, this booster is amazing. I also love the fact it’s flavourless. It contains green tea and guarana plant, vitamin B, vitamin C and Iron. It definitely gave me energy to get through my workout and the rest of my day I felt great. Now I’m having it every time I do a workout.”

Reasons to Love the Energise Smoothie Boosters
  • 20 individual 5g sachets to add to your daily smoothie, water or meal
  • Flavourless
  • Approximately 42mg naturally caffeine derived from Guarana & Green Tea per serve
  • Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 & B12
  • Thiamin for energy production
  • Niacin & Riboflavon for energy release from food
  • Iron, Folate, Magnesium & Vitamin C contributing to reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Copper necessary for normal energy production
  • Good source of Zinc contributing to cognitive function
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Energise Smoothie Boosters FAQs

Q: Can I use Energise Smoothie Booster with other Healthy Mummy products?
A: Yes, you can use the Energise Smoothie Booster with any of our smoothies. You can also add the Energise powder to your daily super greens.

Q: Are there any allergens in Energise Smoothie Booster? If so, what are they?
A: The Energy Smoothie Booster contains soy.

Q: Are Energise Smoothie Boosters suitable for pregnant women?
A:We don’t recommend the Energise Smoothie Booster for consumption by pregnant women. The Australian Government Guidelines for Healthy Eating during pregnancy recommend that you choose a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins

Q: Is the Energise Booster suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
A: Yes, the Energise Booster is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Q: How many times can you have the Energise Booster?
A: The Energy Smoothie Booster has been designed as a one a day serve, due to the presence of caffeine at 42 mg /serve.

Q: Is Energise Booster gluten free?
A: Immune Smoothie Booster does not contain any wheat or cereals containing gluten. However, gluten-containing cereals are present within the manufacturing facility.

Q: Are Energise Smoothie Boosters suitable for children? 
A: Energise Smoothie Boosters are not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnancy women without medical or dietetic supervision.

Collagen Smoothie Booster in detail:

We’ve created a targeted supplement containing essential nutrients to BOOST your Collagen and supercharge your smoothie nutrition!

Flavourless and colourless, just one convenient sachet added to any smoothie, water, or even sprinkled on food daily, will BOOST your collagen production to help transform your hair, nails and skin’s health from within.

Formulated by experts especially for mums nutritional needs, each sachet contains Highly Purified Collagen Peptides which will naturally BOOST collagen and are scientifically proven to have enhanced absorption function so your body is getting the maximum benefits in each serve! Plus they contain added Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Zinc to help maintain healthy skin.

Collagen Smoothie Booster Serving Suggestions

Mix one sachet (5g) into 250mL of water, your smoothie or sprinkle on to yoghurt.

100g | 20 serves 

Collagen Smoothie Booster Reviews

“I am using it each morning in my smoothie, it‘s tasteless and odourless. It doesn’t change the taste of my smoothie. I can see improvement with my nails, they are much stronger.” Lina Adams

My nails are stronger (not as brittle) & my hairdresser has noticed my hair has more volume- I am 55.” Helen S

“All I can say is WOW! I have never used collagen until now and I can honestly say I will NEVER look back. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been and even has NEW hair growth which is great as I have fairly thin hair. My nails are growing and for once not breaking & my skin is fantastic it is actually glowing! I highly rate this collagen.” Brooke Baker

Reasons to Love the Collagen Smoothie Boosters
  • 20 individual 5g sachets to add to your daily smoothie, yoghurt, water or juice
  • Flavourless
  • 3g Collagen per serve
  • Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair^
  • Highly purified Collagen Peptides for enhanced absorption
  • Vitamin C from camu camu contributes to collagen formation
  • Vitamin A for maintaining skin structure
  • Contains mineral silica
  • Zinc from guava leaf  protects from free-radical damage
  • Supports collagen production*
  • Supports bones and cartilage*
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Collagen Smoothie Booster FAQs

Can I take the collagen booster several times per day? 

Yes, you can take the collagen booster up to 3 times per day.

Are there going to be other Smoothie Booster products?

Yes, we are going to be releasing a range of Smoothie Boosters over the course of the next 12 months to make taking your daily supplements even easier.

How much collagen is there per serve?

There is 3g of collagen per 5g sachet. There is also Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Zinc to help with collagen formation.

Is the Collagen Smoothie Booster vegetarian or vegan?

No, Collagen is sourced from animal by-products and is not vegetarian or vegan.

Is the Collagen Smoothie Booster suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding mums?

There is insufficient information available regarding the use of some of the ingredients in this smoothie booster such as Camu Camu and Guava and Bamboo extracts during pregnancy and lactation and therefore we would recommend you avoid using this product during this period of your life.

How does the Collagen Smoothie Booster differ from the Beauty Collagen Powder?

There are a few differences between these two products but primarily the Collagen Smoothie Booster has been designed to be flavourless so that you can add it to your daily smoothie, your super greens, your glass of water, or even sprinkle over your breakfast yoghurt or cereal.  Our Beauty Collagen Powder is a delicious berry flavour and designed to be drunk as a standalone drink.

We have also designed the Collagen Smoothie Booster in super convenient little sachets so that you can pop it in your handbag and have it on the go.

Immune Smoothie Booster in detail:

We’ve created a targeted supplement containing essential nutrients contributing to healthy immune system function and to supercharge your smoothie nutrition!

Flavourless and colourless, just one convenient sachet added to any smoothie, water, or even sprinkled on food daily, will contribute to normal immune system function.

Formulated with NATURAL and PLANT-BASED ingredients including Acerola Berry for Vitamin C, Mushroom for Vitamin D and Guava Leaf for Zinc.

Immune Smoothie Boosters Serving Suggestions

Mix one sachet (5g) into 250mL of water, your smoothie or sprinkle on to yoghurt.

100g | 20 serves

Immune Smoothie Booster Reviews

Meagan & Shaun, 28 and 29, parents of 5, WA: “Perfect boost for when you have unwell kids wanting to cuddle up to you along with the delightful snuffly noses! It’s quick and easy to use, simply add it to your water or smoothie! Which is handy when you’re focusing your time on unwell children.”

Krystal Poles, 37, mamma to 4, NSW: “This immune system smoothie booster is exactly what I needed. I take vitamin C tablets every morning, which I chew for a few minutes, plus the tablets don’t taste so good. But with the immune system booster, it’s flavourless YAY, I just add it to my favourite healthy mummy smoothies. It’s packed with amazing vitamins C and D plus zinc, Guava leaf and superfood echinacea. As mothers, getting sick is not an option. We got little humans depending on us every day. This is just amazing, thanks Healthy Mummy. You have out did yourself once again!”

Lauren Kolstad, 38, mum of 2, NSW: “I love that I can get an immune supplement to get me ready for winter without it being citrus! It mixes so well in my salted caramel HM smoothie! Can’t even tell it’s in there, but my body is getting all of the goodness – Zinc, echinacea and vitamin C and D.”

Reasons to Love Immune Smoothie Boosters
  • 20 individual 5g sachets to add to your daily smoothie, yoghurt, water or juice
  • Flavourless
  • Good source of Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D from Mushroom extract contributing to normal immune system function
  • Contains Echinacea
  • Zinc necessary for normal immune system function
  • Contains natural, sweet-tasting protein Thaumatin
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Immune Smoothie Boosters FAQs

Q: How much Vitamin C is in the Immune Smoothie Booster?
A: Each serving contains 40mg of Vitamin C from the Acerola Berry; the equivalent of 100% of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin C.

Q: Can I use Immune Smoothie Booster with other Healthy Mummy products?
A: Yes, you can use the Immune smoothie booster with any of our smoothies. You can also add the Immune powder to your daily super greens.

Q: Where are the vitamins and minerals in Immune Smoothie Booster sourced from?
A: The Immune Smoothie booster is formulated with Vitamin C from the Acerola Berry, Vitamin D from mushroom origins and Zinc from Guava Leaf.

Q: Can my child have it?
A: Yes, the product can be consumed by children. We recommend no more than one serve daily and we don’t recommend long term and ongoing use. The product has been formulated for adults, and it has not been formulated for children. We recommend children eat a wide range of fruit, vegetables, proteins and grains as part of a balanced diet.

Q: Is Immune Smoothie Booster suitable for a man/husband to have it?
A: Absolutely. Immune Smoothie Booster is suitable for men and women.

Q: What allergens are in the Immune Smoothie Booster?
A: It contains soy. It may contain traces of gluten.

Q: Can I have Immune Smoothie Booster in pregnancy?
A: We don’t recommend the Immune Smoothie Booster for consumption by pregnant women, due to the presence of guava leaf zinc and echinacea.

Q: Is it vegan and vegetarian friendly?
A: Yes, the Immune Smoothie Booster is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Q: Can I have more than 1 Immune Smoothie Booster a day?
A: A maximum of 2 Immune smoothie boosters can be consumed in one day. However there is no need to have more than one Immune smoothie booster per day as the booster contains 100% of your RDI for vitamin C.

Q: Is it suitable for breastfeeding women?
A: We don’t recommend using the Immune Booster when breastfeeding, due to the presence of guava leaf zinc and echinacea. 

Protein Powder in Detail

Choose from Classic Chocolate or Vanilla

Our Healthy Mummy Protein Powder is an AWESOME source of high-quality whey protein with 25.8g of protein per serve!

This high-quality protein powder is breastfeeding friendly and comes from grass-fed cows. It is great on it’s own, ideal for adding into smoothies for an extra protein hit and is also great for baking with.

Our whey protein powder is:

  • High-quality whey protein from grass-fed cows
  • 89-93% whey protein
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • 98 -99.9% sugar-free
  • Low sodium
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavours
  • Hormone-free
  • GMO-free

What Our Mums Are Saying:

Chelsea 34, Mum of 4, Sunshine Coast: “Chocolate Protein Review, I have been using the protein powder for over 12 months now, benefits is my muscle recovery is so much quicker, its 99.9% sugar free & the chocolate flavour is delicious I have it with cold water ice & a serve of the powder delicious…”

Jess: “One of the best proteins I have tried. I always have protein after the gym and the Healthy Mummy Chocolate Protein is very high quality and tastes great.”

Katrina:“This protein powder is awesome, super versatile and can be added to fruits and other smoothies but keeps me feeling full I really like it!”

Michelle: “The healthy mummy protein powder is by far the smoothest, creamiest and tastiest protein powder I’ve had. I use it after a workout and it mixes as well in food such as bliss balls.”

How can protein assist with weight loss?

A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight regulating hormones.

What makes whey protein different from other types of protein?

Whey Protein is a high-quality protein which contains essential amino acids. It is very digestible and is absorbed from the gut quickly when compared with other sources of protein. Whey protein is also highly filling which can stop you snacking on other foods.

Directions for use 

  • Mix one 30g serve into water or your favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie 
  • You can even use the protein powder for baking!

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information – Chocolate

Chocolate Protein Powder Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information – Vanilla

Nutritionist Reviews

Shirley De Jesus – Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine

Shirley - Nutritionist The Healthy Mummy protein powders are available in three popular flavours of chocolate, vanilla and the NEW Choc-Fudge. These protein powders contain a great source of whey protein up to 93% from grass-fed cows.

Here are some benefits of whey protein:

  • It is absorbed quickly in comparison to other proteins.
  • With fast absorption whey is also rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). These amino acids are made up of three essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These are essential because the body is unable to make them out of other amino acids, therefore they must be consumed from food or supplements.
  • Another great benefit of BCAAs is if you take time off from training for whatever reason, increasing your intake of them minimises muscle loss and preserves lean tissue and will keep your metabolism up. This will prevent fat gain when inactive.

These powders are incredibly low in sugar due to the use of Thaumatin,  it is a natural protein extract that is 2000 times sweeter than sugar with only 4 calories per gram, makes it the highest natural sweetener ever!

Elisha Danine – Nutritionist

Elisha- Nutritionist

The Healthy Mummy Protein powder range is an excellent source of protein, whether you are using it for exercise recovery, to mix with fruit for breakfast, or as a tasty treat in between meals.

Grass-fed whey is a personal favourite ingredient of mine, as it is shown to be significantly higher in nutritional value compared to grain-fed. Cows that are on a grass-fed diet are able to have a more stable pH level which allows them to provide beneficial bacteria as well as a broader nutritional content.

The sweeteners used in this product are generally well received and don’t cause the unwanted side effects that others may do.

If you are looking for a quality protein powder then I highly recommend The Healthy Mummy brand.


What is Whey Protein Isolate? 

Whey protein isolate (WPI) has a high protein concentration (approximately 90-95%). The process separates protein from fat and lactose resulting in a purer form of whey protein which has less fat and lactose.

Is the Protein Powder Gluten-Free? 

We do not guarantee the Protein powders are 100% gluten-free. Although products containing gluten are not added, the protein powders are manufactured in a factory which handles grains containing gluten and some cross-contamination may occur.

How many serves of the Protein powder can I have in one day?

One serve per day is all that you need. The recommended intake of protein is 50g per day. Each serve contains up to 26.2g of protein when mixed with water, which is more than half (52%) of your daily recommended protein intake.

For more FAQ’s on Protein Powder, please click here.

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