Just like a Nutella Smoothie!

NEW LIMITED EDITION Choc Hazelnut (AKA Nutella) Smoothie Flavour! VIP Offer - SAVE 35% & Get FREE Post

To celebrate our 11th birthday – Our Number 1 selling Smoothie is NOW available in a NEW and limited edition Choc Hazelnut flavour –  and it tastes just like a Nutella Smoothie! 

Hurry, we ONLY have 2,000 left of this limited edition flavour available! that’s over HALF sold out!

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How does it taste?

OMG AMAZING!!!  You are going to LOVE IT. This smoothie is super smooth, really creamy and has a really intense nutty chocolaty flavour. See the full reviews HERE!

Please note that the picture of Nutella is for illustrative purposes only and we have no association with Nutella (other than the choc hazelnut flavour tastes like Nutella!). Please also note that the product does not contain hazelnuts and instead uses natural flavouring

Pre-order will be sent early Oct.


See what our mums are saying below!

Just WOW! How can this delicious ‘Nutella’ goodness be so high in protein, low carb and filling all at the same time! Absolutely nailed the flavour and creamy texture! Brekky on the run never tasted SO GOOD!

The premium Choc Hazelnut is so creamy! I’m a BIG Choc hazelnut spread fan, and I love I can use this smoothie as a quick and easy, protein rich drink while curbing the Choc hazelnut craving.

The new Choc Hazelnut Smoothie is seriously yummy. It’s not too sweet but has that lovely nutty flavor – just like a Ferrero Rocher! It tastes like it should be full of calories – but it isn’t – it’s the perfect guilt free treat.

OMG this tastes just like a Nutella smoothie. It’s so delicious I could drink it every meal time! Plus it keeps me full until my next meal – win win win

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Our Premium Smoothie has been created by nutritionists and food technologists, it will provide you with the boost you need to revolutionise your health and weight loss.

Use NUT35 at checkout to claim 35% Off + FREE Aussie Post!

Hurry, we ONLY have 2,000 tubs of this limited edition flavour left!

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What makes the Premium Smoothie SO good!

  • Whey based meal replacement smoothie packed with nutrition
  • It contains our premium protein blend with 80% whey protein
  • Insanely creamy and smooth formula
  •  23 vitamins and minerals probiotics for enhanced gut health
  • Quick and easy to prepare, just shake and go! Or if you want add fruits and veggies to your smoothie and blend you can do this too
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Only 109 caloriesˆ
  • Keeps you full longer with high fibre and protein

Enjoy any time, hot or cold!


Blend in a blender or shaker for a frothy milkshake, or just use a spoon/fork to mix together for a smooth flavoured milk.

chocolate mocha smoothie

Heat it up

Mix with warmed milk in your favourite mug for a wonderfully warm relaxing treat.

Get creative

Blend with fruits or vegetables for a delicious healthy smoothie

Tastes Just Like a Nutella Smoothie

Intense Choc-Hazelnut flavour – no need to add anything else to your smoothie to enhance the taste