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How the plans work

The aim of the Healthy Mummy product range & Lose Baby Weight plans is to help mums lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

We create monthly meal & exercise plans designed to fit into the life of a busy mum plus have whole food & natural meal replacement smoothies you can choose to use on our plans to make meal times even easier. You can see why our smoothies are different to others here

The plans focus on helping mums lose weight no matter if your child is a small baby or is a teenager. Our plans are also safe for breastfeeding mums.

Our key focus is a healthy and balanced diet – not a fad or short term weight loss.

We help ordinary every day mums get EXTRAORDINARY results with 9/10 mums recommending our products to their friends and mums losing over 1,000,000kg on our plans

We also have an enormous support network of mums to help and support you every day. You are not on your own on your weight loss journey and there are tens of thousands of mums – just like you – who you can talk to every day in our private group for support – as well as our fantastic customer support team

And if you are pregnant, you can also see our sister site The Healthy Mummy for a pregnancy healthy eating and exercise range here

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About the plans

All plans, products and programs have been created by our team of experienced nutritionists and post natal exercise specialists.

Our plans are also regularly recommended by Dr’s, midwives and nutritionists and the focus is on safe, healthy and enjoyable weight loss.

There is no pressure, no rapid weight loss, no diet pills and no unhealthy methods. This also ensures the weight stays off as you learn a healthy lifestyle and lose weight in a steady and safe way.

We also do not put any pressure on mums to lose weight – it is when the time is right for you. You can read more here on this plus information on when it is safe to start losing weight post baby.

You can buy any products in our shop here – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a choice of using our smoothies, or using our meal plans or combining the two
You can replace your breakfast and/or lunch with a smoothie or choose one of the meals from the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan or from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
You eat snacks during the day from our diet plans and snack suggestions on the website
We show you how to incorporate easy, post natal safe and simple exercise into your life – no gym required.
You can use our Exercise DVD which burns approximately 450-550 calories per hour
All smoothie plans come with full guidance and our free Weight Loss Guide & Smoothie ebook

Our products and plans are all created for busy mums. Everything we do is with the busy mum in mind. The team are all mums and we understand how time consuming being a mum can be. We also understand the budget constraints that come when you have a family to take care of.

Therefore, all our plans are time friendly, budget friendly and family friendly. We do not make the plan unrealistic as we understand that it has to be doable to make you stick to it. We don’t cut out food groups, set low calorie intakes or make you feel like you have to do huge amounts of exercise every day to succeed.

We treat you as a human being – and a busy one at that. Our team are all mums so all know how busy life is. We are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way and we listen to all feedback.

Our job is to help mums so our offering is very precise and all our efforts are poured into ensuring that you as a mum feel you are receiving a personalised program from a team that understand you and we pride ourselves in giving mums all over the world the highest level of service and support possible at an affordable cost.

And it works – mums have lost over 1,000,000kg on our plans and 9/10 would recommend our products and plans to their friends. You can see hundreds of results here

These run every month and are online 28 Day Challenges with new recipes, meal plans and exercises ego keep you inspired and a huge amount of online support in our private group to help you succeed. Every 2 months a further 150 brand new recipes are created by our team of nutritionists.

The Challenge is hugely popular and tens of 1000′s of mums now follow the online Challenges and they are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle and give you fantastic weight loss results And you can also see reviews from mums who have done the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges here

You can see more information or join the challenge here

Yes it is. The Challenge is an online Challenge which runs monthly and is completed on line. It has a start and finish date and you complete the Challenge with 1000′s of other mums - it is an army of mums all cooking the same food and doing the same exercises - all at the same time. This huge motivation is what helps you to succeed. Whereas, the 28 Day Plan book is designed to be done at your own pace and is not time specific - it also has 100% different recipes and exercises to the online Challenges

The average weight loss is approximately 1kg a week but some mums do more and some do less. It depends on your start weight, your BMR and if you are breastfeeding we recommending keeping to 500g – 1kg a week. You can see hundreds of results here

Our smoothies are free of all chemicals and artificial sweeteners. They are also free from caffeine and fillers. Natural ingredients in our smoothies help give a gentle sensation of feeling fuller for longer, helping to avoid eating large meals or over snacking. They help to bulk the stool & aid bowel eliminations. Included in our smoothies are:

Apple pectin – a source of soluble fibre that forms gel naturally Rice bran fibre – a highly fibrous ingredient Cellulose – major component of cell wall in plants Psyllium husks – a water-soluble fibre Inulin – a natural vegetable fibre Flaxseed meal – healthy fats & high fibre Pumpkin seed meal – contains essential fatty acids, protein, zinc and iron. Protein For Health & Weight Loss Soy protein isolate – a complete protein low in fat with high digestibility (we do not use the oestrogen part of the soy so the soy protein is hormone free) Methionine 10mg – important amino acid for normal metabolism Protease (from aspergillus) – assist digestive process by breaking down proteins Soy lecithin 400mg – emulsifying that can aid the digestive system Bromelain 5mg – enzymes from pineapple assisting protein digestion. Ginger root – a spice often used to improve metabolism while soothing the stomach Fenugreek – Provides carbohydrates, dietary fibre, fats and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous. It also provides support for breastfeeding mothers Dandelion root – helps absorption of nutrients in “The Healthy Mummy” Smoothie and Rich in Vitamin A,C and B2, iron and calcium

Our smoothies are also 96% sugar free and 100% fructose free You can see a full list of ingredients and download the Healthy Mummy Smoothie label here You can also buy the smoothies in our shop here – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount

All our plans are safe for mums who are breastfeeding – and we provide information on breastfeeding and weight loss on every eating plan offer. With regard to our Healthy Mummy Smoothies – these can also be used by breastfeeding mums and we do not use any caffeines or weight loss accelerants in our smoothies so that breastfeeding mums can use it.

We also included fenugreek in the smoothie to be an additional benefit – and if you are not breastfeeding, fenugreek can still be a great benefit to your health as it provides carbohydrates, dietary fibre, fats and minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous. We have thousands of emails each month from mums on our plans who report improved milk supply from using our smoothies, but if your baby has any food sensitivities or suffers from colic we recommend talking to your Dr before changing your diet or using our products and plans. You can see more about safe weight loss when breastfeeding here

You can also buy any products in our shop here – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount

No Caffeine
No Fillers
No Added sugar
No Fructose
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Genetically Modified Ingredients
No Added Salt
No Weight Loss Accelerants
No Chemicals
No Phentermines
No Phenylpropanolamine
No Dairy
No Gluten

You can also buy any products in our shop here – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount

Our smoothie is a formulated meal replacement and has passed International Food Standards. It provides your body with over 25 vitamins and minerals and the focus is on optimal nutrition. Some other ‘shakes’ on the market are only a protein shake or supplement. This means they cannot be used as a meal substitute as they do not contain enough nutrients and energy to fuel your body and consumers can often be mislead into thinking a product called a ‘shake’ is a meal replacement when it is not. You can read here for all information about why the smoothie is so different

You can also buy any products in our shop here – plus you can use code OFFER for a 10% discount

We have an enormous support network on offer. We have a private group of over 16,000 mums on our plans and across social media there are over 200,000 mums who follow us.

If you join our private group you will have access to our Motivating Mum team and admin support team who are always on hand to help and support you on your weight loss journey. Plus there is a huge amount of support offered from all the mums on the programs. Our group is extremely positive and mums in our group want to help and support all new people starting their journey

We also have our customer service team and you can email them on [email protected] or call them on 1300 301 172

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