Healthy Mummy Smoothie Comparison Table

As you can see from our comparison table below, Healthy Mummy Smoothies offer:

  • significantly less sugar than any other meal-replacement drinks
  • a much higher amount of fibre than most.

There is also NO added salt in Healthy Mummy Smoothies (the sodium shown on the chart comes naturally from soy beans).


(Note: The amounts are per 100g, rather than per serve. Some brands require 50g in each serve, while the Healthy Mummy is a 25g serve.)

Unlike many other meal-replacement drinks,  The Healthy Mummy Smoothie also contains wholefood ingredients that are beneficial to mums, including those who are breastfeeding.

Our Smoothies contain flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, and fenugreek which have all been found to support breastfeeding, weight loss and energy levels.

Read more about the specific ingredients in our Healthy Mummy Smoothie by downloading our fact sheet here.

Elle has lost over 20kg*

Healthy Mummy Meal Replacement Smoothies

Elle has lost over 20kg with Healthy Mummy Smoothies and our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Elle has been having Healthy Mummy Smoothies for breakfast religiously since July. When she is on the go during the middle of the day, she finds it helpful to have a Smoothie for lunch too.

She says, “The smoothies are so easy to drink whilst out and about. I also find that adding an extra smoothie gives me more protein which helps build more lean muscle. Plus the high fibre content keeps me full and prevents excessive late afternoon snacking.”

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