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Bicycle Crunches


Starting Position

Lying on your back, place your hands by your sides with palms facing down. Keeping your back flat on the floor slide your feet in towards your bum to form an arch. Engage your core by tucking your belly button in towards your spine and prepare to raise your legs off the floor.


Raise your legs up off the floor ensuring your back remains flat to the floor at all times. Extend your left leg straight ahead at a 45 degree angle to the floor and at the same time bend your right knee in towards your waist. From this position start to create a cycling motion with your legs as if riding an imaginary bicycle. Keep a constant speed making sure your back remains flat on the floor at all times. Breathe naturally throughout the exercise making sure not to hold your breath.


Core and abdominal strengthening

Special Considerations

*If you have abdominal muscle separation avoid this exercise and instead perform a Bird Dog exercise

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Starting Position Standing tall with your feet together and your hands down by your side. Engage your core by tucking your belly button in towards your spine and prepare to crouch down on to the balls of your feet. Execution …

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